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  1. that was overcome, so this may be. Credits: dA: accio-glow| so-ghislane| Butterphil| maeappleseed| tanja92| amidnighteaparty| innocentlexys| rosebein| longlongwaydown tumblr: slayground| planets-bend| wicked-fate| evenstarss| wubulge| deatheatcrs| impossiblyamelia| plaschka| chunhees| myungin| maximoffps| clawsandfangs| bitten-by-flies| kimigasukidatta TDA: Marney's Hipster Models, all v| Websites/Other: enchantedfleur@lj| titimontoya@brusheezy
  2. urrgghhhh i go back to uni tomorrow but i haven't written my summer essay for my tutor, why do i do this to myself lol

    1. oz.


      [clacks tongue] time to pull the first all nighter of the year

    2. Milady


      ha ha, that's saved for thursday, the essay is due friday

  3. Congrats guys, enjoy the new positions and ofc the new shades!
  4. Hey Alison, thanks so much for the squee, I just saw it now and it made my day ty ty ilysm <3

    1. choobacca


      of course! omg that sig is so beautiful. negative space goals \o/

  5. I'm back from my first term at uni and now I finally have some time to graphic :P

  6. I'm auditioning tomorrow for a Marauders film that someone's writing- once a HP nerd always a HP nerd I guess :P

    1. Milady


      Thanks! It was a very short audition but it went well, fingers crossed ;)

  7. Hi Julia!!!! Urgh, I love Hello, it's one of my fave Adele songs I've seen you around, but we've never really talked. I was too much in awe of your crazy skills- still am tbh We should def talk more and get to know each other. Law's a toughie, but I'm thinking of maybe going into it myself? I dunno, I just joined my uni's lawsoc and they gave me free jogging bottoms- I'm way too easily bribed with free stuff.... I hope to see you around in red now!
  8. Congratulations Julia Enjoy your new life as an admin! And Ayesha, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. My thoughts are with you and your family
  9. guess who's feeling as dead as a dodo rn? goddamn freshers flu

  10. Hi Jen, it's so great to meet you I'm Aisha. Graphics is totally a bubble in which you get sucked into, it's so much fun spending a few hours making something from just a few images. It will be rough at times, especially at the beginning, but just persevere and you'll be fine. I hope you have a long and happy life here at TDA and if you have any questions, you can just PM me- PS and textures are my main areas of expertise though, I'm not as big on stock images
  11. thanks hannah for the squee it made my day *squishes* <3

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    2. Milady


      i'm kind of sad and excited that it's going to be set in hollywood... on the one hand, hollywood, new characters, on the other hand, what about the old characters???? what about angie and sousa???

    3. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      I'm going to start a riot if there's no Angie tbh, I mean she wants to be an actress why wouldn't she show up there

    4. Milady


      yes, angie as a hollywood actress, gimmeee :P in the sdcc agent carter panel they said that jarvis was already going to be in la so at least there's that

  12. Hey Lucia, welcome back hun! I'm Aisha If you ever need help navigating the new bits of TDA or just want someone to fangirl too, you can always pop a message in my inbox I can't wait to see what lovely new shinees you've made!

  14. this is not that kind of movie

  15. I hope your broken leg heals up super fast! I once had a broken leg and I swear, I can remember the awful days of constantly itchy skin that you can't reach, walking around on an ugly yellow zimmer frame and really needing the toilet but having to take 20 years to get there. So yeah, I hope you have a really speedy recovery :D

    1. catharsis


      Aw, thank you! It totally sucks, doesn't it? I haven't reached the itchy stage yet but I'm dreading it. Totally hear you about the bathroom though! Mine is close, but hopping there takes me forever anyway and it's just so much hassle. I'd prefer to just stay in bed. But I now know from firsthand experience how awful bedpans are, so I'm feeling privileged to be able to go to the bathroom at all.

    2. Milady


      Whilst I was at the hospital, they put me in this wheelchair with a hole in the seat and a bowl at the bottom so that I could go whenever I wanted to :P Mind you, I was 5, so I didn't have that much control over my bladder, it was probably for the best. DREAD THE ITCHY STAGE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

    3. catharsis


      HAHAHA I HAD ONE OF THOSE ON DAY 2. Before that, they wouldn't let me get out of bed. And after that, they told me I had to use a walking frame or crutches. When your five your bones are probably like rubber anyway. I'm an old lady so mine are old and brittle.

  16. HI DARYL! I've seen you and your lovely graphics around so much, but I never really got a chance to speak with you so here goes. Hi, I'm Aisha, it's nice to meet you
  17. Hey Maya, welcome back hun! Definitely post a gallery- I'll be here waiting if you do
  18. [b]Name:[/b] Aisha [b]Tumblr:[/b] http://madam-vastra.tumblr.com [b]Twitter:[/b] N/A [b]Skype:[/b] aishat.97 [b]Other:[/b] N/A
  19. Hi Jess! I did exactly the same with my GCSEs, didn't end up revising at all, but I made a hell of a load of graphics. It's a bit harder to not revise with A Levels though, which sucks. If I end up watching more than like 5 episodes of a TV show, I've probably become attatched to it, and then there's no going back. I'm either completely obsessed with a show, or I couldn't care less, there's no in between. There's a guy in my English class who's addicted to Teen Wolf, and I've seen several Teen Wolf posts on tumblr, and from what I've seen it seems good, so it's definitely on my list of sho
  20. Hey Enya! I've seen you around TDA for ages now, but I don't think we've ever actually talked. I'm Aisha, and it's nice to meet you, and can I possibly share Sebastian Stan with you omg I know what you mean about the comics being hard to get into, what with there being issues from the jurassic age and all the different universes and stuff, but a girl can try I think everyone on tumblr is on there way too much, myself included. Come back from the sun, and stay here on the interweb with us
  21. Thank you for the squee! Late reply, I know, but I only saw it just now- forgive me?

    1. cleopatra.


      No problem! <3 it really was a very pretty piece! aha, only if you forgive me for the late reply! :P

    2. Milady


      Late reply? What late reply? xD

  22. Thank you so much for the squee, it made my day *squishes* I don't think that we've talked before, but I'm Aisha, and it's lovely to meet you :D

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    2. catharsis


      yes! i can't WAIT to put up with devilish teenagers and tons of essays. I actually love marking essays. I used to do my friends' for fun. :P

    3. catharsis


      Good luck with your aspirations!! :D I actually would like to do some writing as well. Since teachers have such good holidays, it's something I think I'll try to pursue in my free time. But I don't think I could make a living out of it because I'm not dedicated!

    4. Milady


      Wow, that is just... I don't think I've ever met someone who loves marking essays... just wow. You are one unique person. Tbh, I don't think I could make a living out of it because it's such a fickle business. Whether you sink/swim depends on how others receive what you write, which is scary.

  23. Hey Mike, thanks for the squee :D But I don't know how you can get excited over my graphics WHEN YOURS ARE LIKE OMGGGG. Give me your skills bro! xD

    1. that guy.

      that guy.

      Hahah you're welcome! And thank you! :D But really no i love your graphics duude :wub:

  24. I voted for coding and typography, because as it has been said, coding is a very useful skill irl, especially as we are in the age of technology, it can make a difference when applying for a job. And typography, well, I've always liked text, even if I'm not very good at it, and it would be a really interesting addition to tda.
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