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  1. It's...so perfect πŸ₯ΊπŸ€© Thank you, I love it, I really really do!
  2. 😍 oh wow, i was secretly hoping it would be you. I still have some of the loveliest chapter images you've made for this story, don't know if you remember :) Thank you, I can't wait :)
  3. Link to place to be used: here it is Mature Text to include on graphic: Title: Memory Dust, plus in smaller lettering somewhere: memory within, memory without Images to include on graphic: some nice adult and serious pictures of Hermione and Ron (Emma W and Rupert G) will be perfect Dimensions: 700 x 110 Additional information: It's a romantic story with a bit of drama thrown in, but other than that I'm happy to leave it completely to the artist Thank you to anyone who picks this up
  4. Congratulations. I am so lucky to have a banner by niiika and it's still one of my favorite banners ever!
  5. Hi. These are all gorgeous. Can you put B11 on hold for me, please?
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