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  1. lol - first love the edition and the mystery! You really nailed the feels of the theme. I can really put myself in the characters shoes. The colorizations are pretty awesome too! 🧡 Secondly, I am thinking between ailhsa and bewitching. 🤔 Also, I did not expect the feature - thank you so much! 😍 😍 It's my favorite graphic to date as well. Overall, great job with the edition!
  2. Hi Scott! Welcome back! I do remember seeing you around! I remember coming across a lot of your posts even when you were on hiatus. Not sure if you remember me though. My name is Alishya. Nice to meet you (again). I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see your name on the recent topic list. It's good to see you here again! Again, welcome back!
  3. What a beautiful layout this is! Gorgeous indeed! Also, congratulations to the featured, winners and the promoted! Lastly, thank you for the spotlight feature! I am really glad you guys like my stuff. Good edition! Keep up the good work everyone! Thank you!
  4. Battle: Symple Lish vs. jellybean jones Rounds: (1) Make 3 banners for what you are currently watching/reading (2) Make a 800x600 blend for a favorite character including at least 4 models (3) Make two graphics - one that is your least favorite graphic type and one that is your favorite graphic type. (we can note which one is the least favorite graphic type and which one is the favorite graphic type. (4) Make a chapter image with negative space and three models. Battle Ends:
  5. Congrats guys! Congrats! Such hard decisions to make but everyone here deserve the win and finalists spots. 👏 ❣️ Thanks so much for the nomination by the way and the award! They're beautiful! 💛
  6. 😭 why is everything you make so perfect! ;_;

    1. bittersweetflames


      I beg to disagree but thank you so much, sweetie. :wub:

    2. niika


      Because she is a goddess. 

  7. Niika! How amazing to see you're back with a gallery with beautiful graphics no less! They are all gorgeous and stunning and still inspiring! Glad to see you're back.
  8. I am again, amazed by the coding for one. Two, I love the statistics for just about anything, I didn't think that was even possible, but wow, I mean that's dedication and hard work. Additionally, congratulations to the winners of challenges, those who have been promoted and so forth! Keep up the great work everyone! Thank you for also mentioning my stock pack! I hope you guys continue to enjoy! Great edition you guys! Thanks for all that you've done!
  9. Thank you for the squee! ❤️

    1. Symple Lish

      Symple Lish

      You're welcome! :D:D 

  10. @.amaris @bewitching. These blends are beautiful! The coloring is gorgeous and shiny! I'm very inspired right now.
  11. ^ they are pretty amazing graphics by Sheepish! @XxTheAvengerXxX What in the universe is this rare phenomenon? 😮 😮 Can someone tell me?! xO everyone's entry for this challenge is just outstanding. ❤️
  12. Hey Branwen. :) Just wanted to let you know that you named the Founders Era Sig Challenge Poll as the The Book Jacket. 

    1. abhorsen.


      omg fail, thank you!

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