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    Into a lot of fandoms and love to express myself through creative means.
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  1. 😭 why is everything you make so perfect! ;_;

    1. bittersweetflames


      I beg to disagree but thank you so much, sweetie. :wub:

    2. niika


      Because she is a goddess. 

  2. Symple Lish

    believe me, i'm lying

    Niika! How amazing to see you're back with a gallery with beautiful graphics no less! They are all gorgeous and stunning and still inspiring! Glad to see you're back.
  3. Symple Lish

    February's Featured Artist!

    Congratulations Stephanie!
  4. Symple Lish

    February Promotions!

    Awesome! Congratulations guys!
  5. Symple Lish

    January Digest 2019

    I am again, amazed by the coding for one. Two, I love the statistics for just about anything, I didn't think that was even possible, but wow, I mean that's dedication and hard work. Additionally, congratulations to the winners of challenges, those who have been promoted and so forth! Keep up the great work everyone! Thank you for also mentioning my stock pack! I hope you guys continue to enjoy! Great edition you guys! Thanks for all that you've done!
  6. Thank you for the squee! ❤️

    1. Symple Lish

      Symple Lish

      You're welcome! :D:D 

  7. Symple Lish

    A Place to Squee v.9

    @.amaris @bewitching. These blends are beautiful! The coloring is gorgeous and shiny! I'm very inspired right now.
  8. Symple Lish

    A Place to Squee v.9

    ^ they are pretty amazing graphics by Sheepish! @XxTheAvengerXxX What in the universe is this rare phenomenon? 😮 😮 Can someone tell me?! xO everyone's entry for this challenge is just outstanding. ❤️
  9. Hey Branwen. :) Just wanted to let you know that you named the Founders Era Sig Challenge Poll as the The Book Jacket. 

    1. abhorsen.


      omg fail, thank you!

  10. Symple Lish

    french navy.

    Hey Kelsey! If I remember correctly, I think you and I used to be member artists together... like around the same time right? Though you moved up the ranks quicker than I did... if not, then I may be thinking of another Kelsey... Forgive me if I am wrong. Welcome back though, and I know - I know you somehow because I remember you being active before. xP Anyways, I love your graphics though! Your signatures are my favorite and your avatar set is amazing! So is your CI's - the second one really sticks out to me. ❤️ I do remember that 2016 DA digest header, so yeah, I remember you a little bit. More may come back to me sooner or later. Also, it's good to see you here again and active! I look forward to seeing more from you too. :wub:
  11. (I hope this is alright to ask, and if not, feel free to let me know.) Is there anyone here who is familiar with Deviant Art's commission system, that I can discuss this with over pm? Thanks! :) 

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    2. Symple Lish

      Symple Lish

      hehe, okay! thanks! :D❤️


    3. XxTheAvengerXxX


      I don't think you'll have a problem with this, but be extremely careful and only use images/resources that are free to use for commercial use. If you look at Erica's page she has a lay out of what she can make and point prices for each. She only uses free commercial resources, or resources she has bought to use for commercial use, or her own.


      As far as premium contents goes, she'll use the same resources mentioned above and then she's offered some of her own colorings and textures for points as well. I know you can't see exactly who purchases what, but you might be able to tell through the faves.


      And then I think the exchange from points to currency is fairly easy. You probably need a PayPal to transfer everything.

    4. Symple Lish

      Symple Lish

      Aw, thanks so much! :D Oh yes, right, right. I was actually thinking of making vector like pngs with Gimp and working towards more digital artworks for selling. But this helps! Thanks!

  12. Symple Lish

    January Promotions!

    Congrats to you guys!
  13. Aw, I'm glad. Just to clarify, do you perhaps want the black part behind the trio gone instead then? Or do you really want me to cut Harry out of the icon? edit: either of these? Feel free to still ask for changes.
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