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  1. i officially received my bachelors this weekend and it's weird

  2. just got accepted for a service year in los angeles!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. esoteric.


      thanks, everyone!

    3. klutzy_kara


      congrats that's amazing!! doing what? <3

    4. esoteric.


      thanks!! i'll be tutoring children in high-need neighborhoods in LA!

  3. omg do you watch rick and morty??? also tysm for all the squees! you're amazing and i'm a big fan of you <3

    1. adrift


      rick and morty is the best!!! so tragic that the wait is so long between seasons. and your work deserves all the squees!! such high qual design mixed with the best shows<3

    2. esoteric.


      i know, the wait is killing me! it's a great show! omg you're too too sweet! <3 your work seriously deserves all the squees. big fan over hereee <3

  4. thanks for the squee!! <3 you're too sweet and honestly YOU have flawless comp! (and excellent taste in tv, fellow office fan! :'D)

  5. this is so late but tysm for the squee last week!

  6. i see you doing pride flag colors for the uc and I AM HERE FOR IT

    1. milominderbinder


      *u* THANKS !!! 7 graphics for 7 colours i couldn't resist !!! :D

  7. hi kara! welcome to tda! i'm isabel what's your favorite kind of toast??? mine is texas toast and i also love the office! ugh it's one of my favorite shows of all time!!! i've seen your gorgeous work around the forums, and i can't wait to see what else you'll create!
  8. congrats, y'all! you're going to do great!
  9. hi mary! welcome back to tda!! i love your dark style! v cool! your elizabeth olsen icons are stunning! the cuts, the coloring - holy cow!!! +this one and +this one are especially amazing! your sigs are awesome too! +this is incredible. i just really love how you can create a creepy blurry effect in your graphics. seriously, how do you do it??? i also love +this. it's so cool! i can't wait to see more of your pretties!
  10. thanks so much, katlynn! you're fabulous!
  11. hi kat! i've really enjoyed seeing your graphics on the forums! also it's so cool that you live in dc! i would love to live there in the future! how do you like it?

    1. nomad


      ahhhh thanks so much! glad you like my graphics :) DC is pretty great. i've lived in the general area for the past few years but i only just started working in DC this past august. i really like it

    2. esoteric.


      you're so welcome! and ahh that's so cool! so glad you enjoy it!

  12. hi kat! i'm loving all the pretties in your gallery! +these icons are so soft and i love the cuts! (and they're all from the good place!!! <3) i'm obsessed with +this! the comp and song is gorgeous! i also love the comp and texture use in +this! your comeback has been fire!
  13. ahh tysm for the squee on my icons! <3

  14. hi kat! welcome back to tda! i've seen your pretties in pylc and i can't wait to see more from you! also, that's so cool that you live in dc! that's one of my favorite cities! huge fan of the metro and free museums <3 unfortunately the closest i ever got to living there was going to school in virginia :'D anyway, feel free to pm me if you want to chat! i hope to see more of you around the forums!
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