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  1. congrats, shona! enjoy your month in gold! you've earned it!
  2. gorgeous header by miss atomic bomb promotions master artist, feb 2018 | starbuck. graduate artist, sept 2017 | miss atomic bomb graduate artist, june 2013 | contour senior artist, oct 2012 | contour junior artist, aug 2012 | contour yearly awards featured artist, apr 2018 | starbuck. special challenge awards monthly challenge awards ybw klutzy_kara newt scamander. uc the lgbtqia+ challenge, first the ultimate mythology challenge, first ultimate sound of 2017 challenge, AC general challenge awards 2018 first the new font challenge the one of each challenge the 90s challenge i challenge thee hall of fame header challenge second third the out of your comfort zone challenge what's your cast? challenge the plotline shuffle challenge v.2319 2017 second the guardians of the galaxy awesome mix challenge! the ladies of music challenge third the a-z icon challenge v.? 2013 first the blast from the past challenge second a-z icon challenge v.not 1 august da digest header july 2013 da digest header the you pick for me challenge the get to know them challenge third the matt smith tribute challenge 2012 second the shape it up challenge
  3. i officially received my bachelors this weekend and it's weird

  4. how's this?? if you like it, please rehost and credit to esoteric.@tda! i'm also happy to make any edits! (just a warning, if you need changes, i'll be out of town wednesday-sunday, so i might not be able to make changes until next monday or tuesday.)
  5. just got accepted for a service year in los angeles!

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    2. esoteric.


      thanks, everyone!

    3. klutzy_kara


      congrats that's amazing!! doing what? <3

    4. esoteric.


      thanks!! i'll be tutoring children in high-need neighborhoods in LA!

  6. omg do you watch rick and morty??? also tysm for all the squees! you're amazing and i'm a big fan of you <3

    1. adrift


      rick and morty is the best!!! so tragic that the wait is so long between seasons. and your work deserves all the squees!! such high qual design mixed with the best shows<3

    2. esoteric.


      i know, the wait is killing me! it's a great show! omg you're too too sweet! <3 your work seriously deserves all the squees. big fan over hereee <3

  7. congrats, everyone! enjoy the pink!!!
  8. congrats, jess!!! so well-deserved!
  9. thanks for the squee!! <3 you're too sweet and honestly YOU have flawless comp! (and excellent taste in tv, fellow office fan! :'D)

  10. this is so late but tysm for the squee last week!

  11. i see you doing pride flag colors for the uc and I AM HERE FOR IT

    1. milominderbinder


      *u* THANKS !!! 7 graphics for 7 colours i couldn't resist !!! :D

  12. hi kara! welcome to tda! i'm isabel what's your favorite kind of toast??? mine is texas toast and i also love the office! ugh it's one of my favorite shows of all time!!! i've seen your gorgeous work around the forums, and i can't wait to see what else you'll create!
  13. congrats, y'all! you're going to do great!
  14. how's this? i just flat out removed the manip'd couple pic. lmk though if you do want something there above the text in the sig. +
  15. hi mary! welcome back to tda!! i love your dark style! v cool! your elizabeth olsen icons are stunning! the cuts, the coloring - holy cow!!! +this one and +this one are especially amazing! your sigs are awesome too! +this is incredible. i just really love how you can create a creepy blurry effect in your graphics. seriously, how do you do it??? i also love +this. it's so cool! i can't wait to see more of your pretties!
  16. sooooo i ended up making a totally different graphic :'D if you like this one, rehost and credit to esoteric.@tda! if you want me to stick with the original, that's totally fine - just let me know and i'll add in those happier photos! i'm also happy to make any edits to this new set! +
  17. ++ definitely let me know if this wasn't what you were looking for or if you need any changes! if you like it, please rehost and credit to esoteric.@tda!
  18. hi love! so so so incredibly sorry for the wait - hope you'll forgive me! anyway, here's your fanfic cover! if you like it, please rehost and credit to esoteric.@tda. if you need changes/don't like it - which is very likely because i'm falling asleep as i write this so i'm definitely not in the right frame of mind - let me know and i can do whatever you need me to do!
  19. hi sorry! i'll have this by tomorrow! work has been crazy, so i'm so so sorry for the wait!
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