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  1. hey, delaney! i'm ashley, welcome to tda. i'm also a hufflepuff and i love to write as well. do you write for other fandoms too, or do you prefer harry potter? what are some of your favorite minor characters to write about?
  2. episode 2 of Life is Strange just released! it's downloading rn and i can't contain my excitement!

    1. floralprint


      I know, it felt like it took forever to release! when I played the first game all the episodes were already out so I got spoiled. it's torture to wait in between episodes lmao

  3. thank you so much for the squee, vanya! ❤️

    1. azimuth


      No problem ❤️

  4. nice, i wish you the best getting back into it! those can be difficult but they're fun to make for sure. that's really cool, i'm into those genres as well. my favorites to write are probably suspense thrillers, romance, and angsty 'person vs self' type stories. i'm working on a fanfic right now and it's my first stab at fantasy so i guess we'll see what happens it'd be cool to see your graphics, i hope you come up with some stuff!
  5. hey, welcome back to the site, i'm ashley are you planning on making a gallery? i'm a writer too, what kind of stuff do you like writing?
  6. Your graphics are so lovely! I love that you use stock. Also, tysm for my header! You’re a gem, Ash. <3

    1. floralprint


      oh, thank you! i'm a huge fan of stock. and you're welcome, i'm so glad you like it!!

  7. hey, happy birthday! hope it was a good one
  8. happy belated birthday, kaitlin!! i hope it was great
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