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  1. episode 2 of Life is Strange just released! it's downloading rn and i can't contain my excitement!

    1. floralprint


      I know, it felt like it took forever to release! when I played the first game all the episodes were already out so I got spoiled. it's torture to wait in between episodes lmao

  2. thank you so much for the squee, vanya! ❤️

    1. azimuth


      No problem ❤️

  3. i am never going to stop listening to both life is strange soundracks on repeat :3

  4. nooo!! i accidentally put my kindle through the washing machine D: It was a non-touchscreen and they don't make those anymore, i am so upset!

  5. i just wanted to tell you how much i adore your forum set, eternal sunshine is my favorite movie and the cuts and coloring on your icons are just perfect <3

    1. nomad


      thank you!! it's my favorite movie too so i'm glad you're a fan :)

  6. we've already hit triple digit temperatures. there is no such thing as spring here lmao

    1. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      i feel you. we're on winter number like. four here. it's awful

    2. floralprint


      hahaha we're like opposites. our winter here lasts for three literal seconds and then the rest of the year is summer xD

    3. Lady Plantagenet
  7. it's overcast this morning, so rare to see clouds here!! it's a writing + coffee + open windows kind of morning. the sky is beautiful!

  8. i am swooning over brand new's fifth album! so glad we got one last album before their breakup next year.

  9. just pre-ordered the life is strange prequel, i'm excited!

  10. the worst part about summer is the bugs

    1. oz.


      !! honestly i want to die bc bugs

    2. floralprint


      same, like infiltrate someone else's house pls!

  11. my husband owns a pool cleaning business so he's in people's backyards a lot and i keep finding dog treats in his pockets because he makes friends w all the dogs on his route, i love it!! <3

    1. theodosia


      that is the purest thing i have ever heard

    2. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      That is awesome!! :)

    3. floralprint
  12. has anyone ever had to deal with hateful comments on their fanfic? i was self-conscious about my story before, but now i don't even want to keep updating it :/

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    2. starbuck.


      jeez, i really don't get these kinds of people :I i know it's hard but try to ignore them...they're probably just trolls with no RL who have nothing better to do than be mean on the internet -.-

    3. Amortentia1992


      It happens to most writers at some point I think. I write for fanfiction dot net and the worst is the anon reviews that just rip apart your writing....

    4. floralprint


      yeah, you guys are right. it's hard to learn to ignore it sometimes. anons can be the worst haha

      thank you all <3

  13. thank you lia for the squee!! <3

    1. ailhsa


      You're welcome!

  14. ahhh tysm for the squee!! <3

  15. hey, bex, thank you for the squee! <3

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      Youre welcome lovely! That banner is gorgeous!!

  16. aaaand it's officially 95f (35c) outside. rip spring

  17. finally changed my permanent sig after two years #it'sabouttimeash

  18. heyy thanks for squeeing my UC banner a while back!! i didn't notice til now :3

  19. omg thanks for the squee! totally made my night :)

    1. miss atomic bomb

      miss atomic bomb

      you're quite welcome <3

  20. heyy, is your member title a ref to brand new?? because they're my favorite band of all time

    1. lazy bones

      lazy bones

      Yes it is an they are my fav band of all time!

    2. floralprint


      :D what's your fav album? i always go back and forth between 'the devil and god' and 'daisy,' i can never decide!
  21. i am a huge nerd and can't wait for the gilmore girls revival next month!! anyone else excited?

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    2. PhoenixAlthor


      I actually just recently started watching this. Thank god for netflix. I'm really enjoying it so far. On season 4 at the mo.

    3. floralprint


      that's so cool! wait till you get to season 5, it's one of my faves :)

    4. PhoenixAlthor


      Ooh now I'm very intrigued.

  22. HANNAH I JUST LOGGED ON AND SAW U MADE STAFF. a thousand hugs to you, your work is so gorgeous!! i'ma make you something when i have time <3 <3

    1. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      ahhhhh thank youuu <33333 you're so sweet bless you :') and HA you're next (i saw those CIs u did, ashey 4 staff 2k16)

  23. your icons!!! and your member title!!! i'm flailing bc i'm OBSESSED with those gamessssss <3

    1. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      ARE YOU REALLY. ♥ I've been talking to Kennedy (moonbaby11) about them today! Have you played them all?!

    2. floralprint


      Ughhhhh I could talk about those games forever!! And yeah, I own all of them, I first started playing like 16 years ago! This long wait for #33 is KILLING me. We should definitely chat lmao <3

  24. between internet problems and rl issues i haven't been around for the last couple weeks! hoping to get back into things :3 miss u guys

  25. i wanted to give a big thank you for the gallery critique you gave me <3 it helped out a lot. i hope your move is going well and that you can come back soon!

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