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  1. hey, delaney! i'm ashley, welcome to tda. i'm also a hufflepuff and i love to write as well. do you write for other fandoms too, or do you prefer harry potter? what are some of your favorite minor characters to write about?
  2. episode 2 of Life is Strange just released! it's downloading rn and i can't contain my excitement!

    1. floralprint


      I know, it felt like it took forever to release! when I played the first game all the episodes were already out so I got spoiled. it's torture to wait in between episodes lmao

  3. thank you so much for the squee, vanya! ❤️

    1. azimuth


      No problem ❤️

  4. nice, i wish you the best getting back into it! those can be difficult but they're fun to make for sure. that's really cool, i'm into those genres as well. my favorites to write are probably suspense thrillers, romance, and angsty 'person vs self' type stories. i'm working on a fanfic right now and it's my first stab at fantasy so i guess we'll see what happens it'd be cool to see your graphics, i hope you come up with some stuff!
  5. hey, welcome back to the site, i'm ashley are you planning on making a gallery? i'm a writer too, what kind of stuff do you like writing?
  6. i am never going to stop listening to both life is strange soundracks on repeat :3

  7. nooo!! i accidentally put my kindle through the washing machine D: It was a non-touchscreen and they don't make those anymore, i am so upset!

  8. writing + graphics is such a great combination to me because it exercises two very different creativity types. i hope you have a good time getting back into them! i write fics for Life is Strange, and i currently have three WIPs for the Nancy Drew games. i used to play them as a kid and recently discovered a whole fandom of twenty-somethings on tumblr that are still devoted to the series and it's been a lot of fun
  9. great issue, and what a beautiful theme i esp loved the poem and the playlist, and i think the graphics spotlight at the end is a really cool idea. thanks, digest team! <3
  10. congratulations, you three!! you'll do great <3
  11. hey, welcome back! it's always great to see returning members. i'm ashley, and your username seems awfully familiar to me. i lurked around 09-10 so i may have seen you around! i also write fanfiction! i seem to have gravitated toward video game fandoms recently but i used to write hp fics all the time it'd be great to see some of your graphics, but like jess mentioned above, there's all kinds of things to do around here besides graphics (as i'm sure you remember )
  12. hey kristina! <3 i wanted to drop some gallery love. it's really hard to link things because your whole gallery is bomb, but +this is probably one of my favorites, the composition is super unique, also +this icon set is just so perfect, i can't get over the coloring and comp :drop: overall you have such a distinct style and it's really showcased well here in your gallery. thank you for your hard work as an admin, i hope you have a good week -ashley
  13. hey, shona!!! i wanted to return your lovely gallery comment <3 you've been working really hard on tda lately and your gallery looks so great, i am crazy about +this chapter image, the background is so subtle and well-done, not to mention the outstanding composition! i also really love the coloring in +this sig, the pink shades work so well with the white, it's lovely. your recent entry for the fruit challenge is also one of my favs, i really love what you did with the text and the general vibrancy of the whole piece. i hope to see more of your graphics soon!! have a great week -ashley
  14. hi kat! i responded back to the comment you left in my gallery with the font you asked about, but i thought i would come and leave you some nice things to read in your own gallery! i LOVE what you've got going on in here. you are crazy talented at signatures, your composition is on point. i'm also a huge fan of +this icon set they are so soft and minimalistic :queen: also +this blend is amazing, the colors and the text are perfect. i think you have a great style and your gallery really showcases your variety. it's been great seeing you around the site lately, hope you have a good week <3
  15. kat - oh, wow, thank you so much! the font used in that chapter image is +here! i've only made one tutorial and it was just general tips on using cartoon screencaps. i'm interested in making a step-by-step, but i feel like it would bring nothing new to the table since all my techniques i've learned from existing tutorials here thanks again for your lovely words shona - thank you!!! for that black and white blend i feel like it was all the luck of the pictures i chose. they had great contrast to begin with so they ended up working really well together i really appreciate you stopping by <
  16. i just wanted to tell you how much i adore your forum set, eternal sunshine is my favorite movie and the cuts and coloring on your icons are just perfect <3

    1. nomad


      thank you!! it's my favorite movie too so i'm glad you're a fan :)

  17. congratulations, branwen!!! <3
  18. we've already hit triple digit temperatures. there is no such thing as spring here lmao

    1. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      i feel you. we're on winter number like. four here. it's awful

    2. floralprint


      hahaha we're like opposites. our winter here lasts for three literal seconds and then the rest of the year is summer xD

    3. Lady Plantagenet
  19. congratulations to the winners, finalists, and nominees! it's so great to see all this activity on the site, what a great community we have the awards are beautiful!
  20. it's overcast this morning, so rare to see clouds here!! it's a writing + coffee + open windows kind of morning. the sky is beautiful!

  21. i am swooning over brand new's fifth album! so glad we got one last album before their breakup next year.

  22. loved this month's issue. beautiful layout as usual. i'm going to check out that book as well! thanks to the digest staff for all their hard work! <3
  23. aw, i didn't see there was a new one up! great issue, it looks beautiful. and a huge thank you to the digest staff, you guys work really hard and it shows <3
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