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  1. i missed this! shels — thank you so so much, you don't know how much that means!
  2. how's this? let me know if anything needs to be changed! otherwise, feel free to credit either Lana Mizushima or kaitkat @ tda
  3. steph! thanks so much — that means a lot!
  4. athirah!!! that is so so nice of you thank you so much
  5. Size: 500x200, 100x100, 150x150 Images: any 12+ of riley hillyer Text: Ophelia Major Color Preferences: neutrals, cool tones Preferred Mood: something neutral, nothing terribly bright or terribly dark Link to Place to be Used & Link to Screencap: profile, screencap When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): never! Additional Information: Phee's a second year Slytherin with a penchant for the dramatics. She's generally happy and positive.
  6. wendy; tbt to my shiny purple days but tysm ily ariel; wow you are TOO KIND. i missed being around! i will try my hardest not to let life pull me into the abyss, thanks for stopping by
  7. kaitlyn. 20 | ca & ny | cs6 // banners signatures // // chapter images blends \\ // credits & awards
  8. i'm running an experiment to see how long it takes you to see this :D

    1. kaitkat


      9 days nOT BAD

    2. kaitkat


      you got lucky i haven't logged in in like 3 months

    3. avalanche
  9. Current Name: moonlace Desired Name: kaitkat Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please! Previous Name Changes: blankpainting > moonlace
  10. abyss this is just *-* classic khanh and so so so beautiful
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