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  1. Congrats everyone, and thank you! What an honor
  2. beaten but alas!!! you know how much i love your style — obsessed with your ideas and comp and the way you integrate text and linework. that blair sig — still one of my favorites ever. can't wait to see more and more!! so glad you're back
  3. i missed this! shels — thank you so so much, you don't know how much that means!
  4. steph! thanks so much — that means a lot!
  5. athirah!!! that is so so nice of you thank you so much
  6. wendy; tbt to my shiny purple days but tysm ily ariel; wow you are TOO KIND. i missed being around! i will try my hardest not to let life pull me into the abyss, thanks for stopping by
  7. kaitlyn. 22 | // banners signatures // // chapter images blends \\ // credits & awards
  8. Current Name: moonlace Desired Name: kaitkat Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please! Previous Name Changes: blankpainting > moonlace
  9. ^aww that's so cute i.......don't actually know how to draw so. proportions are all wonky and i'm 90% sure i'm doing it wrong ha, but third digital painting ever and i dusted off my tablet for the first time in over a year :")
  10. AIMEE

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    2. kaitkat


      you're baaaack \o/ i'm good!! how are you omg

    3. baekhyun!


      i'm fine, thank you! i've just graduated lmao

    4. kaitkat
  11. SHERYL you're back i missed you!! <3
  12. cs omg claps for you congrats on getting the high school done with!!! <3

    1. satellite


      thanks!!!! <3 you too right? or am I remembering this wrong

    2. kaitkat


      ahhh unfortunately not, i've got another year

    3. satellite


      ooh i see

      haha good luck!! w/ college apps and everything

  13. congrats! welcome to the team <3
  14. i must say that i opened this topic with delight and with karine's comment i won't even fight. it's true that no motivation has killed me so maybe i can climb back up without a fee.
  15. the gif on your profile is my favorite thing i can't stop blowing on my screen

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    2. kaitkat


      thanks to youuu smh smh <333

    3. daredevil


      hahahaha I'll admit I kept blowing my screen when I first found it too XD His hair looks like something off a pantene ad :P

    4. kaitkat


      you mean he's /not/ from a pantene ad????

  16. eeep ariel! congrats bby <3 welcome to the best mod team on tda >DD <3
  17. val!!!!!!!!!!!!! that header is so so so gorg wow

    1. our sea star

      our sea star

      eeep, thanks kaitlyn! >w< miss youuu

    2. kaitkat


      i miss you too DD:

  18. congrats guys, welcome to the team! ^_^
  19. ^*____* i give up tbh so i've been meaning to learn for a long time but these past two days i've finally put my tablet to use and these are my first two meurp
  20. Why am i seventh actually never forgive me for being terrible omg this is almost like two months late BUT bae your coloring is on point your comp is on point basically everything is on point ily
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