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  1. AHHH THEY'RE BOTH BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😍 I've realised, however, that I'm a complete and utter moron who forgot to specify that Molly/Lana is the main character. Would making her bigger than Erin/Olivia in the first banner require a lot of work on your part or is that an easy enough change to make? I'm really sorry to even ask, if it would take up a lot of your time then I'm happy to claim the banners as such. (Sorry again, I truly am an idiot)
  2. Story (or Chapter) Title: a sunday kind of love Link to your Story (or Chapter): clicky (all audiences) Size of Graphic: 700x100 OR 700x150, whichever works best Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: yes please, it's just 'val' Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: nope Do You Have Permission to Change it?:n/a Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Molly Weasley II - Lana Condor with long hair; Erin Clearwater-Davies - Olivia Holt with short hair. Preferably no pictures of them with heavy makeup, please Other Images You Would Like: something floral, maybe? Quotes to use on Graphic: just the title, a sunday kind of love, and my penname Color Preferences: no blues or purples, other than that anything that matches the mood! maybe pinks and yellowy-greens? I'm not fussed if that doesn't work Mood of Your Story: light, fluffy, romantic Animation? If so, how? not necessary Additional Information: n/a
  3. SHERYLLLLLL I want to steal everything: all your icons, all your sigs (especially the first four because they're perfect), all of your banners and all your ABF pretties, especially +this one And when I'll have stolen everything I want to snuggle all your art because it is gorgeous, but unfortunately I can't so I has the sads. This is me when I look at your gallery: This is me when you say 'No Val you may not steal my talent' And this is me when I realise that even if I did steal your talent I wouldn't be nearly as awesome as you are anyway. KEEP MAKING PRETTIES
  4. bahaha x) yes, i'm too attached to it to want to ever change it.

  5. I've just got to tell you how much your sig makes me crack up, because, as it happens, I'm Val too. (This is completely random, sorry about that) :)

  6. Thought I'd let you know that I was told via review that "whoever made (my) chapter image is amazingly talented" - that whoever being YOU. :)

    1. empyreal.


      a;lskdjf thanks for letting me know and thank the reviewer for me gah so flattered :P

  7. Hi, I don't know if you saw, but I left a request in your UFG for female OCs :)

    1. stardusted*


      I've put it up, sorry for the wait! :)

  8. You. I am very angry at you. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN'T DO? I came here because I saw your grphics on HPFF, and no one was credited. My first thought was "Nah, it's not possible, she can't actually write that well and make beautiful banners and CI on the side". Obviously, I was wrong. This is so unfair. I'm going to go and hide in a corner until you do something faulty, yes? :fangirl: <-- This is me.
  9. EEP. Stealing number 6 and number 20, but the others are beautiful as well!
  10. hi i wanted to tell you that your avatar is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!

    1. ValWitch21


      Thank you! :) It's from the movie Slumdog Millionaire, &thenboom made it! You can find it in the UFG movie graphics if ever... Wait, I take that back. It's mine. RAWR. ;)

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