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  1. [screams into the void] vertical comp will be the death of me

  2. Just like wallpaper laptop is.there kindle wallpaper???

  3. hellohello!!! i've seen you around the forums a lot lately but never formally came by your gallery to say hello and leave a comment so i figured... why not today? i really love your style—this b&w banner and this blend are my favs. the blend, in particular, because the composition is so skillful, and the colours are to die for. your current signature is also really cool! the comp is interesting, and the balance of warm and cool tones is supersuper pretty. i love seeing your creations whenever you post in challenges or the post your latest creation form!! < 3 onl
  4. hihi holly! welcome to tda! my name is niki : ) glad to have you here with us!!!
  5. finally out of school today !!!!! aka finally time to spend my entire summer on tda hahaha

  6. if ive learned anything in the past 48 hours, it's that designing on a high res laptop is actually a nightmare :((

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    2. theodosia


      we have a few older laptops lying around at home, so i just need to buy a new battery and charger for one. it's cheaper than a monitor by $10-20, i think, but i'll buy a monitor if i'm too lazy to go through the process of upgrading everything to windows 10 haha

    3. &thereshegoes


      dang thats a super high resolution to work with :o

    4. theodosia


      i know :')) it's quite excessive

  7. hooooooo school is kicking my butt

    1. archer.
    2. theodosia


      i just missed a full week bcuz of a bad case of bronchitis and im so behind on homework

  8. i just posted my first ever challenge, heck!

  9. hello, taylor! just thought i'd stop by after that helpful comment you left on my poll! <3 your gallery is so colourful and varied! i absolutely love it. you're experimenting so much with stuff like fonts (which is something i have issues with even now), and i'm very glad to see the contrast in your comp and colouring choices. i especially love your banners. they're all so fun and different~! your hard-cuts are sososo accurate, too!!! it's fantastic. i admire that you have so many different types of graphics in here... it's obvious that you've experimented with different styles on d
  10. woah im actually online again

  11. name changes are so exciting ahhhh!!! now even my name reflects my ever-lasting obsession with hamilton.

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    2. theodosia


      my absolute favourite musical right now!! the cast is so talented and i squeal whenever i listen to the soundtrack. lowkey playing dear theodosia on repeat.

    3. pixielife




      my fave line is from Wait for It "Love/Death/Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints. It takes and it takes and it takes." <3 <3 <3 What's yours?

    4. theodosia


      oh goodness that's difficult... probably my shot's "the plan is to fan this spark into a flame"... i have a mug with that quote on it, oops. that, or burn's "you have married an icarus, he has flown too close to the sun" bc the schuyler sisters give me intense feels.

  12. Current Name: holdtheblind. Desired Name: theodosia Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes Previous Name Changes: (1) MajanMafoy >> holdtheblind.
  13. finals are over but i still wanna cry about school ??!

  14. my eating schedule can go back to normal now !! happy eid, everyone :)

    1. .evergreen


      How was your Eid? I hope you ate to your heart's content LMAO. I know I did!

    2. theodosia


      it was wonderful, thank you for asking! i ate more than i have in ages, since this was my first time ever fasting. i hope you both had a great time as well!

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