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  1. [screams into the void] vertical comp will be the death of me

  2. awhh thank you sm!!! i'm glad u like my colouring—it's something i've always struggled with, and i only just found a style i'm happy with :] thank you for stopping by!!! much love <333
  3. Just like wallpaper laptop is.there kindle wallpaper???

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    2. amortentia.


      Well i.need.help.with the explaining of.it!! 

    3. theodosia
    4. amortentia.
  4. hellohello!!! i've seen you around the forums a lot lately but never formally came by your gallery to say hello and leave a comment so i figured... why not today? i really love your style—this b&w banner and this blend are my favs. the blend, in particular, because the composition is so skillful, and the colours are to die for. your current signature is also really cool! the comp is interesting, and the balance of warm and cool tones is supersuper pretty. i love seeing your creations whenever you post in challenges or the post your latest creation form!! < 3 only a couple things i would watch out for—in the blend i linked before, as well as this blend and this chapter image, you've chosen images where the model's heads are partially cut off, which tends to feel kinda awkward nd throws the eye off a bit D : also, sometimes your text placement/formatting is a bit awkward; you tend to write your caption text in sentence case, which isn't bad, but the way that the letters are different heights is a bit distracting to the eye! using all-caps can help with that! plus (again, not a huge deal or anything), your line spacing is a bit wide sometimes (like in this), which can also be a bit distracting because it draws the eye away from the people or main text! again, i love your style and your grasp on colour and composition! just a couple little image choosing & text things that can really help take you to that next level! i will be back regularly to check out your new creations! always feel free to PM if you want to talk : )
  5. hihi holly! welcome to tda! my name is niki : ) glad to have you here with us!!!
  6. congrats, everybody!! and many thanks to grace for a lovely award ~~
  7. clearing cache didn't help, and the problem occurs in firefox + chrome too !
  8. hi! idk if this is just me but i can't edit my about me info : ( i get stuck on this loading screen every time i try to save a new bio:
  9. hello shan! i absolutely adore your comp on some of these. +this vertical banner is so gorgeous 🤩 i can never seem to get the comp on those right, but yours are so well-balanced and pretty. i also adore your cis ☺️ i'd love to see toyou try out some different comp styles or text placements on your banners and cis tho. your base-making is lovely (+this is so pretty holy heck) and i love all the different colourings you have going on here. i will most definitely be back soon to see what other gorgeous things you are capable of!! - niki
  10. finally out of school today !!!!! aka finally time to spend my entire summer on tda hahaha

  11. :')) it's so beautiful, but just one request? would it be possible for you to take out the thor @ the very top, and just leave the other thor and loki? he's kinda pulling my attention 3 different ways. thank u bunches, karni!!
  12. if ive learned anything in the past 48 hours, it's that designing on a high res laptop is actually a nightmare :((

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    2. theodosia


      we have a few older laptops lying around at home, so i just need to buy a new battery and charger for one. it's cheaper than a monitor by $10-20, i think, but i'll buy a monitor if i'm too lazy to go through the process of upgrading everything to windows 10 haha

    3. &thereshegoes


      dang thats a super high resolution to work with :o

    4. theodosia


      i know :')) it's quite excessive

  13. Size: 2736 x 1824 (i know it's ridiculous ,,, why @ microsoft) Images: basically any pictures of chris hemsworth as thor and/or tom hiddleston as loki! maybe even cate blanchett as hela if the other two aren't working for you? Color Scheme Preferences: blacks, golds, greens, reds Quotes: "heart of a king" Desktop Orientation: +click for a screenshot! (300 pixels of shortcuts on the left, 90 pixel taskbar at the bottom) Additional Information: thanks to anyone who is courageous enough to take on my monster of a computer resolution
  14. hooooooo school is kicking my butt

    1. archer.
    2. theodosia


      i just missed a full week bcuz of a bad case of bronchitis and im so behind on homework

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