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  1. love this!! in - don't you (forget about me) - come on eileen - jesse's girl
  2. ooo totally in [img=https://i.ibb.co/w693Nhk/marauderera-3.gif] hehe this was fun!! ok for social media
  3. clearing cache didn't help, and the problem occurs in firefox + chrome too !
  4. hi! idk if this is just me but i can't edit my about me info : ( i get stuck on this loading screen every time i try to save a new bio:
  5. hello shan! i absolutely adore your comp on some of these. +this vertical banner is so gorgeous 🤩 i can never seem to get the comp on those right, but yours are so well-balanced and pretty. i also adore your cis ☺️ i'd love to see toyou try out some different comp styles or text placements on your banners and cis tho. your base-making is lovely (+this is so pretty holy heck) and i love all the different colourings you have going on here. i will most definitely be back soon to see what other gorgeous things you are capable of!! - niki
  6. finally out of school today !!!!! aka finally time to spend my entire summer on tda hahaha

  7. :')) it's so beautiful, but just one request? would it be possible for you to take out the thor @ the very top, and just leave the other thor and loki? he's kinda pulling my attention 3 different ways. thank u bunches, karni!!
  8. if ive learned anything in the past 48 hours, it's that designing on a high res laptop is actually a nightmare :((

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    2. theodosia


      we have a few older laptops lying around at home, so i just need to buy a new battery and charger for one. it's cheaper than a monitor by $10-20, i think, but i'll buy a monitor if i'm too lazy to go through the process of upgrading everything to windows 10 haha

    3. &thereshegoes


      dang thats a super high resolution to work with :o

    4. theodosia


      i know :')) it's quite excessive

  9. Size: 2736 x 1824 (i know it's ridiculous ,,, why @ microsoft) Images: basically any pictures of chris hemsworth as thor and/or tom hiddleston as loki! maybe even cate blanchett as hela if the other two aren't working for you? Color Scheme Preferences: blacks, golds, greens, reds Quotes: "heart of a king" Desktop Orientation: +click for a screenshot! (300 pixels of shortcuts on the left, 90 pixel taskbar at the bottom) Additional Information: thanks to anyone who is courageous enough to take on my monster of a computer resolution
  10. hooooooo school is kicking my butt

    1. archer.
    2. theodosia


      i just missed a full week bcuz of a bad case of bronchitis and im so behind on homework

  11. i just posted my first ever challenge, heck!

  12. hello shan!!! i'm niki i think i've seen you around the forums but i've never properly come down to say hello! just wanna tell you that your gallery is so colourful and pretty. i especially love that serenity sig bc the monochrome is very very well done. and that moon girl blend is very pretty! i like all the pretty greens that you have in some of your graphics! you work with stock very well (much better than i did as a MA, that's for sure). keep up the great work! love from niki
  13. hello, lia!! i'm niki, and i just wanted to stop by and leave you a little comment i love your gallery :dance: i especially love those banners. that muggle studies one is stunning!!! the variation in your comp all over your gallery is really interesting, and i love your font choices, too! i hope to be back soon i love all of these graphics!!! i'll definitely be back <33 love from niki!
  14. woah im actually online again

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