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    I have many interests most of which center around roleplaying and writing fanfictions. However I also have a slight interest in designing graphics like facebook covers and some signatures though I am pretty much a beginner at it as I only started a scant few months ago.

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  1. Hey there! So I've been on this forum for so long that it kinda feels weird to post this up but anyway, I'm Patrycja/Trish/Trisha/Patty whatever other variation of my name you wanna call me. I'm 23 and I'm a huge nerd - I'm mainly a Harry Potter and Anime one, however, I've watched tons of stuff and read even more books. I do some edits of my own but they're all a bit meh though I am happy with them myself, should I ever get the courage I will probably post up a gallery at some point. Hmm.... what else... Oh yes, I love roleplaying on Tumblr and I've been doing so for a good
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