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  1. abhainn

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    Mine! I challenge thee to make a graphic with four different fonts on it
  2. abhainn

    The Ultimate Resource Challenge

  3. abhainn

    A Place to Squee v.9

    @concise this looks positively amazing! The comp is gorgeous, the text is to die for, and I love the colouring
  4. abhainn

    Forum Revamp - April 2018

    I'm absolutely loving the changes and new forums! Thank you so much for all your hard work and putting all this together (I'm especially loving the graphic quest forum )
  5. abhainn

    Shan's Quest

    Graphic Quest Name: Shan's Quest Artist Name: abhainn/Shan Challenge: Make a graphic a day for all of 2018! I'm mostly just gonna update this when I hit milestones or something like that I'm gonna slowly put my graphics into albums based on month as well, in case anyone is interested in seeing that, I've just been super busy the past couple months. +January Graphics (12+) +February Graphics (12+) Other months to come! 28/04/18: Due to exams, moving, and travel, I've been doing a lot of icons lately, and as work is coming up, I'm likely going to be doing a lot of icons this summer since work kind of consumes my life during the summer months
  6. abhainn

    April Digest 2018

    Amazing Digest issue as always! I'm super excited to see this season of The Handmaid's Tale, glad to know that it's starting today Thanks for putting this all together
  7. abhainn

    New Coder!

    Thank you so much
  8. abhainn

    I Super Believe in Tad Cooper

    Hey Sammi! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it
  9. abhainn

    March Digest 2018

    Another amazing issue, as always! I can’t wait to give the cupcakes a try, and welcome back to all the returning veterans!
  10. abhainn

    A Place to Squee v.9

    Thank you so much for the squees and can we just talk about this??? like, the comp, the colouring, it's all amazing wildest dreams.
  11. abhainn

    fillory and further

    Hey Rodrigo! Just thought I'd pop in again coz it's been a while! I am in absolute awe of your banners and your sigs, they're absolutely amazing! The comp, colouring, and text is to die for Also, I love your new gallery layout, it looks great!
  12. abhainn

    I Super Believe in Tad Cooper

    Hi Kara! Thank you so much I’m glad you like the vertical banners, I’m definitely super proud of those! I’m also definitely proud of the banner, header, and icons, so I’m super glad that they turned out well <3 Thank you so much for popping by!
  13. abhainn

    A Place to Squee v.9

    I was literally just coming along to squee that blend by Jess, it's utterly fantastic!!! EDIT by snicket! just how :drop: :drop: :drop: :drop: The comp, the negative space, just everything about this is fantastic
  14. abhainn

    I Super Believe in Tad Cooper

    Hey Vicki! Thank you so much I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like the banner and the header, I worked for ages on those I'm also really glad you like the icons, I've been doing a lot of them this month! Thank you so much for popping by
  15. abhainn

    paris in the rain.

    Hey Kelsey! I'm coming in from the Quick Crit thread for your cleanout Some of this is more nitpicky (Can I just say this was kinda hard because your stuff is amazing! Please give me your text and comp skills) For your banners, I would clear out +this (while the comp is great, the main text splits the focal point), +this (the lighting on the Cheryl that's looking away looks a bit off with the rest of the graphic), +this (the image quality isn't as great as your others), and +this (it looks a bit grainy, and while the comp is mostly great, the main text and the person way at the end splits the focal point). I would also clear out +this signature (the texture over Cheryl's face makes her seem very blotchy and makes the skin tones not match), +this blend (the image quality isn't great, the focal point is split, and the skin tones don't match). I really hope this helps, and once again, you're doing absolutely fab :queen: :queen: :queen: ~Shan
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