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  1. Thank youuu ❀️
  2. Innn! 😊 0/3 Fast car Kids in America Total eclipse of the heart
  3. Thanks for the welcomee you guyss!! Feels good to be back and making graphics 😊
  4. Heyy you guyss! This is ally!! 🀩 Coming back on here given all the free time i have now (and i see im not the only one 😁) Not sure how many of yall would remember me but i used to be on and off on this site since 2012 i think? ANW really excited to be backk! ive actually been creeping on tda for a few days now trying to gain inspiration from all yall amazing artists 😍and get out of the very deep rut that im in now :") unfortunately all my textures/stocks/psds are gone since my laptop broke 😒but excited to experiment and try to (hopefully) redevelop a style! anw, do hmu! looking forward to meeting both new and familiar faces :DD
  5. Do let me know if you need any changes! If you're looking for something different, feel free to reopen!
  6. DUDE your graphics slay. that's all bye <3

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    2. Almathea


      omg i still havent seen bounty hunters! IMMA WATCH IT! unleashing all the binge watching now that my exams r over!! :D and also i would totally create a q&a thread but i am really quite rusty right now since i havent been making graphics for like a year ;_; so i might just wait a bit to get my groove back :D and also if you have any qns, you can most definitely just PM me!! And i will try my best to answer <33 (altho ur work is like really too good for you to b...

    3. Almathea


      (altho ur work is like really too good for you to be asking me! it should be the other way round HAHA)

    4. Holster


      yes you should! tell me what you think after you're done! :D your exams are done?? i'm happy for you!! i have midterms coming up soon so in a few weeks i'm going to turn into a hermit :l i'm honestly so glad that you're back <33 I've stalked your gallery a bunch of times while you were in a hiatus and now you're making more pretties for me to look at :D watch out for a pm! and ahhah thank you, you're amazing :hugs:

  7. Do let me know if you need any changes! But if its not what you're looking for, feel free to reopen!
  8. omg i looked at your icon set and i got so many feelings ~~~ I love that movie.

    1. Almathea


      duuude yas!! yjhd was too good ;_; <33

    2. persephone.


      it really was T_T it was beautiful really.

  9. ally!! thank you for that beautiful comment in my gallery! you really made my day and your words mean so much to me <3 you should make more pretties for me to drool over too!

    1. Almathea


      you are too sweet but no problemmm and you're welcome!! <3 (and i shall TRY to make some decent graphics soon haishhh)

  10. Hey Charlotte!! Ally here! saw the very lovely comment you left in my nearly dead gallery XP and had to come see your gallery! and im so glad i did cos dude your work is like amazeballs! Really great comp and colouring! especially on +this and +this! :drop: Wasn't there to see your progress and speedy climb up the ranks :( but from what I see now, you have a great defined style and I love the fact that you are experimenting with various comps and colourings!! Very sure you are going to go up to staff soon! Keep working at it and do keep making such amazing eye candy for the rest of us! - Ally
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