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  1. you have been such great admin (& staff mod!!!!!!) ever since i first started on this site, which was agesss ago!!!! thank you & i hope ill still see ur pretties around, all the best at work & in writing! ❤️
  2. WHAT????!!!! my jaw literally dropped!!! thank you so much for the wins and nominations ahhh i am screaming!!!! <3333 and congratulations to everyone as well!! so excited for everyone omg
  3. yayyyy congratulations guys!!!! so well deserved ❤️
  4. the layout for this month is so adorable i just love it so much!!! those features are spectacular too ❤️ awesome issue as usual, guys!! (and totally relate to amy's resolutions esp about resolving my rut and finally going about watching my list on netflix. wow.)
  5. @seabear saw this at the pylc thread and just about died. if i could make something as gorgeous as this as I'm trying to start making graphics again, i'd be a totally different person , i would have my life together, things will be so much brighter for me just wow
  6. kaitlyn i stumbled upon ur gallery again and ahhh i am so in love with it – just as much as i was the last time i was here and just DIED at how much i admire your graphics and style <3333 your colouring is just so !!!!!! aesthetic and ur text omg........ i remember how ur spellbound banner KILLED ME the last time and i love everything in your gallery but that will just be a really old favourite of mine !!!!!! the colours the text the comp everything about it is so stunning and .aesthetic i want to print it out in high definition quality paper and frame it on my wall ok. make more soon ur girl needs to stock up on her inspiration (in which its you ❤️) xoxoathirah
  7. bex!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry im so late with this but AHHHH SBHJFBSRBH ?? !! what even do you have in your gallery???? from start to finish im just here staring at your graphics like *________* how do you even do ANY OF THE MAGICAL THINGS YOU DO??? i esp love those pieces that are the occasional bright pops of colour among your other ones!!! those really strike out to me and kill me for the sucker that i am for colours 😛 but my favourite favourite thing about your crazy magical beautiful style is your colouring!!! its just so uniquely you and makes all your graphics have that special bex aspect in them ❤️ i would want to camp in your gallery forever and just live among all your graphics and cry while i admire your beauties but that will drastically ruin my self esteem and confidence..... which says a lot about how i crazy love and admire and envy your skills <333 lovelovelove athirah
  8. i used to only exclusively be able to do bright colours, but now i almost exclusively cannot .-. why am i so addicted to this muted pastel life !!!!!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ angreyyyy!!!! 🤬🤭 

  9. congraaatulations everyone!!!!
  10. i honestly jumped when i saw my name and graphic on there :oooo great edition this month guys, good job!! i enjoyed reading it from start to end <33
  11. thank u for the squee <33333

  12. congratulations everyone!!!!
  13. just wanted to come and squee that blend!!!!!! :drop: so pretty!!! also thank you for the squees!!
  14. thank u for the squee <33333

    1. starbuck.


      those posters are amazing, i'm really impressed!

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