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  1. These are two options I came up with! Please feel free to use either, and credit if/then @ TDA!
  2. Current Name: lady.luck Desired Name: if/then Previous Name Changes: blackballet to lady.luck
  3. ahhh thank you so much!! and congratulations to rock&roll and drownout_thenoise 😁
  4. Thank you so much for my secret santa! :loves:

    1. if/then


      Of course, and thank you!!! I took a break from TDA for the holidays, so I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. Your critique was so wonderfully helpful, I really needed that! 

    2. bewitching.


      It is okay and you are welcome. 

  5. Hiiii Vicki, I am so happy to come drool over your lovely graphics! I love how vibrant they are, and how well you play with color. I am also jealous of how well you play with composition and text, because I am always stuck in my ways when it comes to those things. Your style is still very clear, too! This, this, and this are my favorites, but I also just love them all. Keep making and innovating!! 😊 Catherine
  6. wow thank you so much, I am so flattered! 💜
  7. so flattered to be in the spotlight! what a great issue of the digest, especially the Thanksgiving section 😉
  8. i haven't finished a uc in forever!!! so happy with this one

    1. bright spark

      bright spark

      it looks amazing!! your style is 10/10

  9. everything is so soft here! I love your play with coloring and text
  10. Hi Taylor! I decided to leave a quick reply on your gallery because you tricked me into it for Halloween! I love how much variety you have in your gallery! It is so impressive to me because I am a poster child for getting stuck in my ways. This is in reference to stock, texture, text, and people use, as well as graphic size. I love the experimentation you have with vertical banners. This is probably my favorite one. I love the coloring and soft filtering. It is also pretty well-balanced, and doesn't suffer from over-saturation. Of your other graphics, this is my favorite! But everyone knows I am a sucker for negative space. You handled the large graphic so well, and I would love to see more of these from you. I'm glad I got to see more of your work and really take a look at it! Catherine
  11. Amortentia1992- Coloring is on point! Green is so hard for me, and you achieve it here. I love the effect you have with what I think is a little filtering/curves. Also the font choice is fun and well-combined. felis catus- if only I could dive into the halloween spirit the way you do! the orange and contrasting blue coloring is insane. The depth is beautiful, too!! Also, I am relating to being lazy wicked.
  12. the new skin makes me so happy/excited for halloween!

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