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  1. Artist Name: if/then Acknowledged Weak Points: variety, clarity, composition Type of Critique Requested: I don't really know how to translate my style to blends??? I hope that is helpful in this section. But also, a general clean-out type thing, because my eyes don't work on these anymore. Software: GIMP Most Recent Gallery Update: 4/4 Gallery Link: there's easier ways to die+ Requested Time Frame: whenever!
  2. These are two options I came up with! Please feel free to use either, and credit if/then @ TDA!
  3. Current Name: lady.luck Desired Name: if/then Previous Name Changes: blackballet to lady.luck
  4. Thank you so much for my secret santa! :loves:

    1. if/then


      Of course, and thank you!!! I took a break from TDA for the holidays, so I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. Your critique was so wonderfully helpful, I really needed that! 

    2. bewitching.


      It is okay and you are welcome. 

  5. Hiiii Vicki, I am so happy to come drool over your lovely graphics! I love how vibrant they are, and how well you play with color. I am also jealous of how well you play with composition and text, because I am always stuck in my ways when it comes to those things. Your style is still very clear, too! This, this, and this are my favorites, but I also just love them all. Keep making and innovating!! 😊 Catherine
  6. wow thank you so much, I am so flattered! 💜
  7. so flattered to be in the spotlight! what a great issue of the digest, especially the Thanksgiving section 😉
  8. i haven't finished a uc in forever!!! so happy with this one

    1. bright spark

      bright spark

      it looks amazing!! your style is 10/10

  9. everything is so soft here! I love your play with coloring and text
  10. the new skin makes me so happy/excited for halloween!

  11. oh, thank you! that means so much to me. I'm glad you enjoyed!
  12. Oh thank you! This means so much to me, and your feedback is helpful. Thanks so much
  13. I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for, so I think it would be better if this was reopened! Thank you
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