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  1. oh my goodness i am absolutely floored. your style is so beautiful, clean, and simple--and cohesive! your gallery looks like an actual professional portfolio. and your blending is just beyond. i am not a graphics artist and wish i had better words than "holy (swears)" and "omg" and "gorgeous" but your work is simply stunning. i'll be checking for updates on your beautiful graphics for sure
  2. GOODNESS your work is amazing!! I'm always hesitant to leave comments as a non-graphics person, but they're so minimal and powerful and I really, REALLY like your use of font. The composition for your chapter images especially is amazing. Great work!
  3. omg how PERFECT is your peaky blinders sig??? the composition and blending is amazing! i saw it in somebody's signature (i've already forgotten who, eeep!) and had to come check out your gallery right away. the emilia clarke blend is gorgeous, too--all of your work is, but those two really stand out. bravo!
  4. I've been sitting here forever trying to pick out a favorite image and um welp it's pretty impossible! Your gallery is GORGEOUS. I'm not a graphics maker so please excuse my lack of technical terms, but your style is so cohesive but each graphic is unique in its own way. I think my most favorite is the "I'm not over you, I promise" sig and the banner that says "capture my heart." Beautiful work!!
  5. i nearly knocked over my drink at seeing you'd updated KC&CO, thanks for that :|

    1. my_voice_rising


      AHHHHHHHH THAT IS THE BEST THING but I am also glad it was just "almost" :) It's been a YEAR jesus.

    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      lmao imagine if i'd sent you a message like "KC&CO killed my laptop thanks" but also i know, i was way too excited and am still excited for the next chapter \o/ are you writing something else after KC&CO?

  6. Ahhh! Every time I come here there are more amazing graphics. Your style has seriously progressed so much--it's always been great and it just keeps getting greater--and it's really impressive. I wish I was more of a designer so that I could put my thoughts into words. The composition of multiple character images and texture/pattern is just so incredible! I love the Rowan Fraser, "To the Oak Tree" and Dark Arts Digest pieces in particular. Your style is so varied but cohesive at the same time. How??? Uggghhhh I just fell in love with your graphics all over again. <33333
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