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  1. @Lady Plantagenet thank you for stopping by, I'm still in shock! Made my day 😊 @jellybean jones your comment is so lovely, thank you for taking the time to stop by 😊
  2. Graphic Quest Name: 30 Day Challenge Artist Name: star crossed Challenge: make a graphic a day for 30 days in a row to bring back some inspiration I haven't been making graphics for almost two years, RL got hectic, and so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things...here goes :) July 9th: header for August DA digest challenge
  3. here's what I came up with, I hope you like it. I can make text changes only so please feel free to reopen if this isn't what you were looking for :) if you use please rehost and credit mockingjay@TDA
  4. please rehost and credit if you use :)
  5. @Lola. sorry, it's been a while since I've been here :/ @The Punisher Thank youu!! :D
  6. Size: signature 500x200, icon 100x100 Images: Shay Mitchell and/or Ian Somerhalder Text: Title text: Afterlife. Quote text 1: I don't belong here, we gotta move on dear. Quote text 2: take me back inside when the time is right Color Preferences: Dark colors, nothing to bright and cheery please Preferred Mood: Dark, angsty Link to Place to be Used: TDA account +here Link to Screencap: +here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? Over a year ago, maybe 2 :/ Additional Information: I'm not too fussy on additional images or whether you use both people images, I am happy to be surprised :D
  7. welcome back grace!!! :D

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      thank you! I have missed this place sooo much(:

      Now to attempt graphics after such a long hiatus :/

  8. OMG!! I have literally only just seen this and my mind is blown! Thank you so much for the gorgeous award and congratulations to everyone!! So sorry for the super late reply
  9. Missing graphics so much :/

    1. esoteric.


      i miss seeing your graphics!

    2. prongsbeak


      your graphics are awesome!!! please make more again! btw I'm Sofia and I'm not sure if you remember me as prongs or before that as prometheus and before that as blackhorse and so on... :P

    3. star crossed

      star crossed

      Aw thank you Isabel :) and of course I remember you Sofia. How are you? I will be making more as soon as I get my new laptop :/ mines broken and that combined with work has made rl get in the way lol

  10. after an unexpected hiatus I seem to have lost the ability to graphic :/

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    2. ailhsa


      an about me post. You'll be fine though, just push through, like Alison said.

    3. Amortentia1992


      Don't force it, but try do do a little something everyday.

    4. panacea.
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