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  1. Congratulations everyone! Gorgeous awards!! And thank you so much
  2. another fab issue! Thanks for taking the time to put this together ❤️ Congrats to nox on your promo and to the guys featured graphics, both of those signatures are so beautiful!!
  3. Sorry but I have to share as I'm having a super proud mum moment...my daughter got 14 GCSE's!! I couldn't be happier or more proud of her

    1. bewitching.


      So happy for her!! :yahoo:

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      Thank you so much!

  4. I love your gallery! The texture use and composition on your signatures is fantastic! I also really love your fanmix, the text choice is fab. I cant wait to see what you make next ❤️
  5. Great issue again guys! I love the iced tea recipe! Thanks for taking the time to put this together ❤
  6. thank you so much for the squee ❤️

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      You're very welcome, those banners are stunning 😍 

  7. taking a seat with trembling limbs, a professor places a raggedly old hat on my head. My parents had high expectation of me starting Hogwarts and had already assumed that I would be in Ravenclaw. I wasn't entirely sure myself if I fit there as I had always felt a connection to Hufflepuff too. I can hear the hat mumbling away and try my hardest to block out the noise and faces all around me...the hat has made a decision...
  8. I love the start you have to your gallery! Your color schemes are beautiful I think you have tons of potential and can't wait to see what you make next
  9. hi Holly, my name is Grace. Welcome to TDA!! If you have questions or just fancy a chat please feel free to shoot me a pm. I look forward to seeing you around the forums
  10. I've really missed making graphics! ❤️

  11. this is such a great issue! so cute ❤️
  12.  seems I've lost the ability to graphic...haven't made anything in ages!

    1. ImaRavenclaw


      I'm sure it's just a lull! Take your time and get back out there when you're ready (but don't take too long because your graphics are ah-maa-zing.)


  13. this is such sad news! thank you for all the hard work and time you have out into being an admin here. I look forward to seeing you around tda ❤️
  14. I decided to make all four elements for your challenge and pick the best three and now I can't decide. Why would you do this to me??? 😔;) 

  15. @bewitching. thank you so much for the crit. I found it super helpful and I can totally see where you're coming from with the coloring choices...I get 75% through a graphic and notice my coloring is orange...again. That's definitely something I will work on. Also I will try really hard to make something less dark haha. All of your advice has been taken on board and I will keep it in mind when making my next graphic. Thanks so much agagin ❤️
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