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  1. Heyyy, noticed the texture on the page sorry and thought you were someone familiar sorry. I’m getting a lot of that now. 😞

  2. Taylor Swift Durmstrang Model with Blue Hair Wolf <33333 Favorite one (twilight one)
  3. Hi nice too meet you? ....

    Are you a well to do author? 

    I kind of need your help on a story!! >.< But here’s the gif! Hope not to make you feel uncomfortable!


  4. I really would like to watch crimes of Grindelwald very much but I can’t. 

  5. After saying hufflepuff it’s like waking up with leeches . Ouch. 

  6. If this is Possible )I’m going to be possed with the spirit of Adolfe now= But I want her personality to be spunky like Bonnie in TVD. Love ❤️ 

  7. Well what about hayley Williams. She very well fits my character persona. Then there was Grimmes. Huehuehue. Maybe some red tulips like flowers, I did have it on my kindle but I’m not sure! Picture you may use as a background. Mood setting I want it to be dark kind of like the setting of the seventh movie! PH Woods,sorry I was thjinking of my character Adolfe, But what i want for Barred is to be cheerfully happy bubblegum¡
  8. “Sitting front of a row full of students- professor McGonagall said “Amanda would you please come up to the sorting hat,” amortentia then proceeded to go upwards. And nerversoulsy sat waiting. it was silent a second before “.. SLYTHERIN” Hehehuehuehue
  9. How many banners can we make on tda?




    Oh trolololol, sorry! ❤️ 

  10. Happy early Halloweeen!!! 🎃

    1. bewitching.


      Happy Early Christmas 🎄🎁

  11. Icon sizes and what not. 

    may you please help me with finding a good icon.


    These are the ones I found! 




  12. REQUEST FORMS Do not change or alter the forms in anyway - simply fill in your information. Keep this as simple as possible for everyone! When posting a request, you need to refer to the standard request form. This helps to ensure that our artists have all of the information that they need and, also, that bits of your requests are not missed. Below you will find the code for the form (simply copy and paste it into your new topic and fill it out) as well as a guided form - one which contains details about the types of information we would like to see you include - and a sample completed form, to give you an indication of what your final form should look like. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Do not add [open] to your topic title. You may, instead, include the title of your story and/or any relevant information (characters, ship, era, mood, etc.) you think will entice an artist. Request Form
  13. Hi do you know where to get banner or Wattpad request forms?..thx! 

    @Charlie Lupin

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