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    Watching asmr Asian, making your Asian friends mad ;0
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  1. I hope I'm posting this right. It is a it early. [b]Current Name:[/b] Amortentia. [b]Desired Name:[/b] coyrubis. [b]Previous Name Changes:[/b] I think it was Amanda Wesley or Potter 😋 Thanks 😍
  2. Heyyy, noticed the texture on the page sorry and thought you were someone familiar sorry. I’m getting a lot of that now. 😞

  3. Hi nice too meet you? ....

    Are you a well to do author? 

    I kind of need your help on a story!! >.< But here’s the gif! Hope not to make you feel uncomfortable!


  4. “Sitting front of a row full of students- professor McGonagall said “Amanda would you please come up to the sorting hat,” amortentia then proceeded to go upwards. And nerversoulsy sat waiting. it was silent a second before “.. SLYTHERIN” Hehehuehuehue
  5. Just like wallpaper laptop is.there kindle wallpaper???

  6. Happy Birthday!!! 

  7. Hiya, love your signature!!!😑

  8. Hello, nice to meet you!! 

    1. coyrubis.


      Love the bio!! :3 ❤

  9. Ofcourse you can, hun!! :)

  10. hey ^_^ just wanted to let you know that you were supposed to reply to the second letter, not the first. :P

  11. It has been awhile! I've been good, how about you? =)

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