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  1. Yaaay, it's perrrrrfect! Thank you so much!
  2. Story Title: Frozen Link to your Story: Click here! (Mature) Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: Yes - by SiriuslyNot Have You Requested This Banner Before?: Nope Do You Have Permission to Change it?: - Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Pippa Fox (OC) x x x (Emma Stone, blonde) Remus Lupin x x x (Andrew Garfield) Pippa & Remus x x x Other Images You Would Like: Something ice-related...? I'm very open minded, so anything that fits, really.. Quotes to use on Banner: True love can thaw even a frozen heart... Color Preferences: Blue, white, grey Mood of Your Story: Romance, fluff, angst Animation? If so, how? If needed Additional Information: I don't need to have all the images on the banner, just giving a variety to choose from. Feel free to find better ones of the actors, and have fun with the banner! ^_^
  3. Lily is back in action! >:]

  4. Banner/signature Size: 500x200 Images: x x x x (Song Ji Hyo, South Korean actress) Text: Killer Queen Color Preferences: Colorful, strong colors Preferred Mood: Happy, quirky, cute, funky... Link to Place to be Used: My profile When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): - Additional Information: It would be awesome if there would be some hangul or anything South Korea-related in the banner, but it's not a must. Just have fun with it! Avatar Size: 100x100 Images: See above! Text: None Color Preferences: See above Preferred Mood: See above Link to Place to be Used: My profile When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): - Additional Information:
  5. Happy birthday! I hope it's great. And I loveeee your sig.


  7. Hey dude? IT'S DONE!

  8. Yes, let us now create a club for Women Who Take Cooking As A Challenge ^_^

  9. Crazy? Am I? Then I'm crazy for about 3 years maybe. Ouch. That is for how long I've been trusting Jannu. :D High five, btw! I cannot even cook macaroni without something gone wrong. That's just depressing.

  10. Trust Jannu? Are you crazy, woman!? :D But yeah, I'm not dangerous... unless there's cooking involved, in which case I am dangerous. very much so. But cooking aside, I'm awesome :D

  11. Oookay, I seriously (or siriusly) laughed at your comment. I like your ego, and I like even more that I'm now a true Lilyliever. So, if i'm not too afraid of your massssive ego, then i'll try to talk to you on msn. i trust jannu. she said you're awesome. i can feel that with my y-sense. Okay, i'll stop this nonsense :D


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