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  1. ahhhhh i remember your username!!!! i'm chloe, back in the day i was also wndryrs/party.poison/findthesecretgarden omg the name changes were real..... i love and miss ur style!!! cant wait to see what you do now <33333
  2. ^HAHAHA you and everyone else... sometimes u go through a phase on the internet where you put no vowels in anything and only you understand your usernames..... we will see!! ive got a lot on my plate but i also just had so much fun making graphics that i really miss it ^^
  3. hi taylor <3333333 im so excited to be back to tda and see what inspiration i can glean myself >
  4. hello!!!! i doubt anyone remembers me anymore hahaha im chloe <3 i used to be wndryrs, party.poison, findasecretgarden, i joined tda a looooong time ago and i recently remembered how much fun i had while making graphics, so we'll see if i come back heheheh anyone from '13-'14 still here? any new friends?
  5. mini-- ur username sounds sooo familiar omg... thank u for the warm welcome back <33 ashley- I RMR YOU!! i luv brand new and i think we talked abt ur username at one point.. im downloading new resources as we speak so here's hoping
  6. hi!! i'm chlo~~ i was on tda most actively in like 2013-2014 (OMG?!) and i was a senior artist at one point!! but real life got in the way of some things LOL i haven't made tda-style graphics in ages... idk how the shift of ppl on the site has gone but hi everyone!! since it's almost the end of my school year, i think i'm gonna try and rebuild my gallery and become active here again! i luv a lot of stuff, but the biggest interest being kpop i like almost everyone and luv to fangirl hehe how is everyone?!?!?
  7. :0 15 f and va amazing!! (bye i didn't respond bc i haven't been active on tda for like months)

  8. hi alison!! thank you for the warm welcome <3 hopefully, i'll be posting a new gallery once i make more recent graphics.. if i can [cries]. and, i'm in a program added on to my normal school that puts me thru some semester studio art classes in different media! im in painting and ceramics right now meena!!!!!!!!! omg you like bts those are my no1 ultimate babies!!! thank u for being so nice, it's so cute to hear someone missing me <3333
  9. omg hold on.... ur 15 female and from va.... twinsies

  10. hi everyone i signed up for a new forum today and in the almost ridiculous (and still ongoing) wait to recieve my validation email i was reminded of my old fav, td.a... so i decided to swing by and say hi! i'm chlo, i was on tda aaaaall the time in late 2012-most of 2013 and have taken on and off breaks in 2014 and 2015. school is so much work D: i miss you all <3 and i miss making graphics!! i'm in an art program right now, and i do so many other things i have no time left for photoshop but, hopefully, coming back onto tda will help me find some motivation and some spare
  11. omg..... TDA :~~~~~~~~~~~;

  12. UR SEEEET<3 mamamoo are so good....

    1. paper doll

      paper doll

      kjbdffgb yes!!!! apparently they're having a comeback this month but idk anymore DD:

    2. rainbowprism


      i heard that too! i hope so, i love all of their music<333

  13. ur icon is so beautiful ;-; i love bobby

    1. a.leksy



  14. i just followed you on tumblr ;D im sngmnho

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    2. rainbowprism


      i saw u post those bangtan edits in pylc and i had to find your blog!! theyre so beautful <3

    3. paper doll

      paper doll


    4. rainbowprism


      ITS SO GOOD i bought it as soon as i could im SO proud of him ;_____________________;

  15. youre i challenge thee entries are INCREDIBLE. loved seeing a bit of social justice at work on tda

    1. lonely stars

      lonely stars

      omg thank you sooo much!! and yess I felt the need to put the word out there. Though months have passed, justice still hasn't taken place. The topic cannot be put to rest. Once again, thank you!! ♥♥

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