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  1. ahh thank you!! ❤️ steph and sammi, i'm so excited to work with you both!
  2. deni - hiiiiiiiii ❤️ thanks for stopping by! banners will forever be my favourite thing to make (and probably my strongest graphic type, imo) and i've just discovered the wonder that is 700x150 banners and they're so. fun. i'm glad you like them, as well as that yaxley signature - it's legit one of the oldest things in my gallery because it's one of the few older graphics that i don't completely hate now. (also i love that i'm calling something i made in november "old," lmao)
  3. i'm a little late in posting this but ahhh thank you so much for my gorgeous tumblr header!! it's so perfect!! :loves:

    1. Kirjava


      You are most welcome! ❤️ I'm glad you like it! :D

  4. phew i'm terrible at responding to things on a timely basis, my apologies dayna - thank you so much for all of your feedback!! even though i'm literally just responding to this now, i've definitely been trying to incorporate some of these tips into my graphic-making! esp the part about letting text and people overlap because i'm SO bad at that (i blame all the PR/marketing classes i took at uni where they were super opposed to distracting from the branding/text in any way, lol) - but it definitely has helped me with focal point! shona - hi!! thank you!! and yay i love
  5. Thank you for the beautiful gallery header for Secret Santa! Merry Christmas!

    1. down-in-flames


      i'm so glad you like it! merry christmas to you too!! (even if it is a day or two late, lol)

  6. for someone who claims signatures are their least favorite graphic size to make, i sure do make a lot of them 🙃

    1. hecate.


      omg same. i hate them so much, yet they take over my gallery :ph34r:

    2. finxter365


      I'm the opposite - love sigs and HATE banners and icons! 

  7. omg i'm so in awe of all of this your coloring is to die for, and that continuous banner is amazing! i love how each banner could totally stand on its own, and the coloring is so distinct in all of them, but they go together so perfectly too! and that last blend (the pink one) - it's so pretty asdfghjkl
  8. hello name twin!! your gallery is gorgeous - especially your vertical banners!! i've been meaning to try them but the size is weird and it makes me nervous, but you do them so well! i love your use of text and animation as well i definitely think my favorite graphics are your distance & heartache banner (the comppppppp <3 ) and the expecto patronum sig i can't wait to see what else you come up with!!
  9. sammi - thank you, and congrats on your promo as well! (i'm literally about to go write that in your gallery as well, so just pretend i'm not repeating myself multiple times, lol) and yes, i do love making colorful graphics apparently emma - hellooooooooo! eep, thank you for all of the compliments i really love textures and bright colors (clearly) and tbh text is the one thing i came into this whole graphicing thing with a pretty good sense of already, so i'm glad it's working out!!
  10. Just letting you know, I'll have the banner you requested in my ufg up today. Sorry for the delay! ^_^

  11. how does one make the thing in a gallery where the image is smaller until you click on it? i have a bunch of aesthetics/picspams to include but they're big and i don't want them to completely take over lol

    1. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      they're using thumbnails! you make a second version of your image that's super small, then use LITTLEIMAGEIMAGEHERE

    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      i hope that makes sense, haha! i can help via pm if you need me to :')

    3. down-in-flames


      yes that makes sense! thank you so much!!

  12. deni!! fellow gryffie!! hi!! (i feel obliged to greet you on here even though i literally just dm'd you on twitter like 5 minutes ago about the title of this topic) i'm so excited you're on tda now and i can't wait for you to start a gallery for all the pretty things you've made lately
  13. zoe your signatures are all just (i definitely think they're one of your strong points and i envy that bc i hate making signatures with a passion) also your 'angel' ci and that 'electricity' banner are both stunning! (oh, and congrats on your promotion!!)
  14. are you going to post the entry for the aesthetic challenge on tumblr/twitter? we can reblog/retweet instead of posting them on our SM :D

    1. down-in-flames


      yeah i probably will! i'm just waiting until the last chapter of complicated gets validated bc the complex aesthetic is a lil spoiler-y, haha

    2. starbuck.


      okay, cool, i'll keep an eye out and reblog/retweet when it's up :D

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