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  1. ShadowRose

    gw chapter images?

    i made a bunch of chapter images for this month's UC, and seeing as the CI section of my gallery is basically empty at this point, i'm trying to figure out which of these bad boys (if any) should go in! feel free to pick as many or as few as you want thanks in advance
  2. ShadowRose

    February's Member's Choice Promotion!

    congratulations, steph!!
  3. how's this? let me know if you'd like any changes!
  4. ShadowRose

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    dibs! i challenge thee to make a vertical banner with no text on it
  5. ShadowRose

    The Ultimate Resource Challenge

    8/8 [url=https://i.imgur.com/uWgbeyt.png][img=https://i.imgur.com/wKI7KlL.png][/url]
  6. here's what i came up with - feel free to request any changes or to reopen! if this works, please rehost and credit shadowrose@TDA
  7. ShadowRose

    [misc] The New Resource Challenge!

    in! (if we have any influence over what type of pack we get, i'd love a stock pack bc i use exactly 4 stock packs for all my graphics 😅)
  8. ahh thank you!! ❤️ steph and sammi, i'm so excited to work with you both!
  9. ShadowRose

    i cast a spell on you (bewitching's critique)

    Artist Name: ShadowRose | Taylor Acknowledge Weak Points: repetitive comp, image quality, chapter images as an entire concept lol Type of Critique Requested: honestly, hit me with whatever you've got. weakest graphics, things to focus on going forward, tips for developing my style (it's inconsistent at best atm), etc. etc. Software: PS CC Most Recent Gallery Update: 14 january Gallery Link: +here Requested Time Frame: no rush!! thanks for offering this!
  10. ok here's what i came up with! feel free to request any changes or to reopen! if this works, please rehost and credit to shadowrose@tda
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