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    they/them. will respond to laura. i don't really see a gender despite dressing in "women's clothing". being referred to as she/her doesn't really bother me. i will respond to anything within reason.


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  1. what has two thumbs and thought it was a good idea to apply for a master's degree in social statistics? this guy.

    1. JadedWraith


      If you have that opportunity go for it!


    2. laura*


      thank you :) i got an offer this morning and i accepted 😵

  2. hey I have to agree with Jordan, there's something about that purple that just doesn't work; I think a red hue would be better. I guess the purple text might work better if it were a more greyish tone? The comp and the colouring is beautiful, and the image quality is ace. The sharpening is on point imo ❤️ The purple is the only thing I think is wrong
  3. *sings* we're all going on a summer holiday 🎶


  4. hope these are alright 🙂 pls credit laura* @ tda
  5. when you're problem-solving for a law essay but you end up in photoshop and back on tda :'D

  6. omg just accepted my place at uni O. M. G.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. klutzy_kara
    3. aim&ignite


      congrats laura!!

    4. laura*


      aww thank you guys <3 it's all happening and i can't believe it!

  7. the fact i just used the word "quandary" in an email is probably indicative of something. i just don't know what yet.

  8. oscar the grouch is really cute for someone who lives in a bin

    1. floralprint


      have you seen this comic about him?? cutest thing ever!


    2. laura*


      aaw so damn cute :3

  9. england. i really like the colour orange. the cookie monster is my spirit animal. [*icons]. gemma . gwen [*banners]. playing with fire . don't look back in anger . it drive you crazy, getting old . son of a preacher man [*signatures]. [*chapter images]. [*blends]. (click for full size) [*other]. [*credits]. stana-katic.net/gallery/, whoispetercapaldi.com/gallery/, natalie-dormer.org/gallery/ thehshq.com, kissthemgoodbye.com/doctorwho/, jemma-redgrave.net/gallery/, lauren-cohan.com/photos/ tomhiddlestonfans.com/gallery/, missbilliepiper.com/gallery/ dA: 99mockingbirds, accioglow, so-ghislaine, evey-v, lookslikerain, planetsbend05, crazykira-resources crazy-alice, malleni-stock, toybirds other: freeimages.com, unsplash.com, publicdomainpictures.net
  10. if in doubt ~exclusion~

  11. *images removed by staff* i hope these are okay. if so, please credit laura* @ tda. if they're not what you're after, i'd prefer if you reopen for another artist (:
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