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  1. oops forgot about the screencap, sorry! here+ is a screencap of a post where I'm wearing the set ^_^
  2. AHHH SHERYL I LOVE IT i love it i love it, it's so so cute, thank you so much! that was really quick too, i'm forever grateful for your speediness haha ❤️ omg
  3. Size: 500 x 200 for sig, 100 x 100 for icon Images: a baby penguin hehe, and other soft things! don't have any specific images in mind, maybe flowers and things (but really, anything that works well with the baby penguin works for me :P) Text: "waddle waddle" :P Color Preferences: maybe blue/pink/purple? again, not picky at all! Preferred Mood: cute and soft :P Link to Place to be Used: hpft profile+ Screenshot to Place to be Used: pic+ When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? around december 2018! Additional Information: i love your style so so much, so anything you think is good is good with me 💛💛💛 thank you, @stardusted* ❤️
  4. Hey love, just letting you know I posted in your review thread but have just updated that chapter so it won't actually appear until it's been revalidated xx

    1. just.a.willow.tree


      ooh okay, thanks for letting me know!! <3

  5. omggg sheryl i love it!!!!!! thank you :loves: rehosting and crediting now!! <3
  6. Story (or Chapter) Title: egg Link to your Story (or Chapter): here+ Size of Graphic: 700 x 110 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: yes, please; justawillowtree Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: nope! Do You Have Permission to Change it?: n/a Characters to Include (Canon or Original): astrid hofferson from how to train your dragon + her dragon, stormfly Other Images You Would Like: a lot of wide open space? maybe sky or ocean; more info in additional info Quotes to use on Graphic: none! Color Preferences: light pastel colors; i have no real preference otherwise Mood of Your Story: generally cute i think? it's about astrid and her baby sister (who i made up ) so it's that kind of story Animation? If so, how? nope Additional Information: okay so i'd prefer it if the pics of astrid + stormfly (preferably together) were taken from httyd 2. they don't have to be facing the camera, and i'd prefer it if they were rather small on the canvas, with large, soft text. ^_^ it would be cute if "egg" was kind of like a cloud shaped like an egg, but that's totally unnecessary haha. otherwise i want it to feel really open and free, and you have a lot of liberties with this so i'm so excited to see what you make! thank you so much for taking this, sheryl
  7. autumn.shades THIS IS SO PRETTY OMFG i've missed this style sooo much, i love the softness and the lighting and the mood of it all i love it :loves: (and thank you so so much for the squee, ramya!! <3)
  8. hi hi hi! so i first got to see your graphics over from hpft, and they are all gorgeous, and so i had to come and leave you a gallery comment i love your creativity with textures! i love the way you use people + textures and make such cool comps with them, too! :loves: i'm also very in love with your dramatic coloring and filtering, it all ties together so well and i'm so envious of you all in all, your gallery is beautiful and i cry <3
  9. ^ those sigs are so stunning sdkjf also this!!!! stardusted* SHERYL HOW :loves: i looove the softness and the concept and the comp and everything <333
  10. milominderbinder THIS BANNER KSJL;SKGJ;AKL I WOULD HANG IT ON MY WALL FOR PRIDE MONTH AND FOR EVERY OTHER MONTH BC THIS IS FREAKING GORGEOUS i looove the rainbow (made my heart happy, it did) and how the colors just so naturally shift along the piece, i love lvoe love love everything about this :loves:
  11. yES thank you so much i'll use the one on the bottom <3 thank you again maia!!! this is stunning i lovee it
  12. omg omg omg i love it!! :loves: i just have a few minor changes! would it be possible to make the yellow slightly sunnier, and the purple of the text leaning just a little closer to the red side of the red-blue spectrum, if that makes sense? and could you remove the word "by" in the "by justawillowtree" bit on reyna's shoulder? and sorry this one is super minor and nitpicky but could you add the exclamation point to the end of "you rate girls?!" last one i promise (i'm so sorry omg) but could you remove the pointy bit of the text bubble that says "you rate girls?!" so that it's just a text bubble that's not pointing to anyone specific? thank you <3 but other than that, i love this, i love the text, i love the comp, thank you so much
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