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  1. Great issue, everyone! Thanks for the features @abhainn & @Kirjava - it's actually not a font, I handwrote the text on that ^_^
  2. it's awesome seeing all of those stats all together! great edition everyone ^_^
  3. TDA has just opened up a merch store! Check out some product samples below, and +click here+ to start shopping! Every cent that TDA makes from merchandise sales (20% of the total price) will go toward site maintenance (forum software, domain, servers, etc.). Want to see your designs in the shop? Keep an eye out in the spring for the next round of submissions!
  4. Congrats everyone ^_^ enjoy being pink!
  5. see you on the other side tda <3

  6. award by miss atomic bomb, quote by starbuck. Taylor has just recently made her artist gallery and has become increasingly active, always posting in the PYLC, making lots of pretty graphics and posting in her fellow artists' galleries with love and encouragement. She's also been entering and placing in a number of challenges as well as filling requests! Enjoy your month in gold :queen:
  7. (totally failed and deleted my post instead of editing so here we go again) Our operating costs are much lower than HPFFs were since we're a much smaller site, even including PW, so we shouldn't ever need to do a donation drive to fund the servers, which iirc is what HPFF mainly used donations for. We're going to start off with merch to see how that'll work for fundraising, but depending on that we may have a donation drive to cover software/fees, yes. I'll have more info up about merch once we're back online next weekend, and hopefully the store will be open in time for holiday shopping We
  8. Love seeing my textures in use! Thanks for the feature! Great edition everyone <3
  9. question: would a tutorial on how i make and/or use my lazy textures be of any interest to anyone (besides me)?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bright spark

      bright spark

      I use your textures all the time and hopefully semi-well but I'd love to know how to make them!

    3. lucida.
    4. miss atomic bomb

      miss atomic bomb

      woo I guess I'll get on that then!

  10. award by miss atomic bomb Congratulations to Amortentia1992 on becoming this month's Featured Artist! Taylor is an awesome artist and moderator all across the board, active everywhere from requests to the Welcome forum and especially in the Critique Corner. She's super helpful and encouraging on top of working hard to improve her graphics. Enjoy your month in gold! :queen:
  11. how early is too early to post a halloween texture pack?

  12. award by starbuck. Please congratulate Theia on her Member's Choice promotion this month!
  13. Want to be considered for September promotions? Make sure you update your gallery before August is over!

    1. bright spark

      bright spark

      Last time I was an MA you had to be brave enough to apply and have everyone else judge your high opinion of self. :P

    2. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      I thought we were grads together? :0 rock&roll x

    3. bright spark

      bright spark

      ^we were!! Then I disappeared for about three years which is why I'm an MA again :P

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