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  1. a few years isn't too late to reply, i hope? @TreacleTart it's been a while since bblb hasn't it? i hope you've being doing well since then! i'm sure i've mentioned this before but thank you so much for the love!! it's been four years since i made that banner but it's arguably my most recognizable piece XD also i never noticed how much i used primary colors til you mentioned it?? didn't realize i was that much of a creature of habit haha thank you once again for dropping by!!! @beyond the rain bex!! you absolute legend!! i should be the one asking you to teach me your ways considering how rusty i am like everything you said i could say exactly the same about you i am not worthy T_T thank you so much for the love!! @paper doll jean you can't just say this and leave you're like my favorite aesthetic ever and i'd do many strange, unspecified things to learn all your graphic secrets. i am like, the opposite of goals ??? but seriously thank you so much for your kind words and you also stay awesome love!!!
  2. congrats to all the new mods!!
  3. isabel !!! tysm for the squee <3

    1. esoteric.


      you’re so welcome! your sig was too pretty not to squee!

  4. alishya ♥♥♥ thank you so much for the squee

    1. dehlles


      ♥♥♥ You're welcome, Aria!! ♥♥♥ You have a m a z i n g graphics! ♥

  5. i'm so rusty i could cry ugh

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    2. Photoshopfreak




      I'm always well covered with the rust.



    3. aim&ignite


      ahhhhh guys tysm for the kind comments ♥ really made my day i swear

    4. aim&ignite


      heh Amanda and Andrea, the rust never really goes away does it :')

  6. isabel! it's been a while since i last saw your graphics blessing my screen huehue let me just say your composition is still absolutely gorgeous your use of blank space is A+ and your filtering !!! so clean and crisp, and coupled with your colouring i'm just *O* +this and +this are my faves hope to see you around the site more! xx Aria
  7. eep, a little late but belated happy birthday vee! hope you had a great day <3
  8. hey grace! thank you so much for the squee -- it really means a lot :3

    1. aim&ignite


      a little bc of some net problems but better late than never :')

    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      your welcome! it's a stunning graphic (:

  9. i am never going to answer my q&a thread am i ;_;

  10. omg lily i'm super late but congrats on FA !!! you deserve it so so so much <333

  11. Happy Birthday Gaby! hope you have a really fab day today
  12. happy birthday Kristina! hope you have a great one today
  13. Partner Names: aim&ignite and TreacleTart Points Claimed (& amount): Mini Challenge#1 (5 points) Evidence: +here
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