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  1. Sneaking back on for a little bit in attempt to rekindle my inspiration. How has everyone been?!?!

    1. easterlies


      Great!! I've been super busy with school and photography. Hence the absence.

  2. Alrighty! Here we go. Two versions cause I couldn't decide. I kept it pretty simple so if you want me to add anything or you want any changes, just say the word. Or if It's not what you're looking for, just let me know girlie
  3. Ahhh I'm so sorry. I was just trying to pick it up before I left for work. I completely blanked -_____-
  4. Hi Tasha! ♥ I'd like to PM you about something, but your inbox is full!

    1. easterlies


      Ahhhhh I'm terribly sorry. It's been ages since I cleaned it out. It should be all good now though:D

  5. Thinking of doing a resource pack or tutorial if anyone has any requests :)

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    2. obscurus


      ^defo agree about the colouring thing, would loooove to see a tutorial for that

    3. easterlies


      Alright alright, I guess I'll teach all you biscuits how to color :D

    4. easterlies


      And maybe I'll throw in a resource pack...

  6. I can tackle this one EDIT: How's this for you? Feel free to ask for any changes!
  7. I'm super late but Congrats everyone!!
  8. Muahahaha Cerulia forever!!! OoOOooo and the awards are so pretty too. I feel super bad that I only just saw this but THANKS GUYS!!! A huge thanks to all the LGMS judges for putting this year's cycle together. This year was loads of fun. And of course congrats to all my fellow winners!!! The entries this year were fabulous!
  9. I'm all done actually. Sorry for the wait. I really should have thought before tackling animation. It's been a while -___- Anyway here's what I came up with for that banner Let me know if you need any changes or if it's not quite what you're looking for. EDIT: And Mods I found that picture of Logan Lerman on his fansite here+
  10. I am. I got a little caught on the animation but I'm finishing it up now.
  11. I made the final round of LGMS. Like what?!?!

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    2. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      congratulations <33 you've made so many pretties this lgms you def deserved it <3

    3. Penelope Inkwell

      Penelope Inkwell

      I, for one, am not surprised! You make such lovely graphics!

    4. PhoenixAlthor


      Well done! It's so exciting and scary all at once. I'm really quite nervous about this round.

  12. I have no idea why that's happening. The jpg that I posted was 22 kBs, I'm pretty sure. I posted mine on imgur if that helps. Is there anyone you can contact on there to help you. Or Mods do you have any suggestions?
  13. Okay so maybe try this. I made it a jpg and messed around a bit with the settings. Let me know if it still isn't working for you.
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