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  1. doctor who is killing me ;'(

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    2. doctor oswald

      doctor oswald

      ugh yes, that episode! I cried too!

    3. bewitching.


      I just asdfghjkl; it was heart breaking

    4. endlessly.


      *gross sobbing for eternity*

  2. Hellooo, Kara! Wow, your gallery is heaven tbh. How do you make icon seriously, they are so amazing and creative; the cuts, colouring, comp. Everything!! I especially love the Zayn one! I also love those CI and that blend with Boyd Holbrook in it, because Boyd is a bae ok, I'm maybe biased xD but really, love the comp and everything about them! Ugh I wanna squee a lot more but this is just too much for me. Your gallery is perfect, YOU are perfect. I wish I had your talents. <3<3 -Ayu
  3. I'm glad you liked the set <333

    1. doctor oswald

      doctor oswald

      I love it so much! Thank you for making it! <3

  4. Hey, Laura!! I gotta admit that I often stalk your gallery but never commented before, but here I am! Everything here is so smooth and pretty omg, especially your icons set (for the love of god, i suck at making icons so yeah how come??). Your composition, filtering, and colouring skills are to be envied for tbh ugh how do you do that :o i mean seriously, please teach me, master!! Your gallery is perfect. Nuff said. And I for sure will be coming back
  5. Yay, Maia! Congratulations, lovely!! Very pretty banner!
  6. Current Name: aigue-marine Desired Name: doctor oswald Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes Previous Name Changes: anissamalfoy -> aigue-marine
  7. Hi, Zi! I do know youuu, I've seen you a lot on the forum but I don't think we've talked before hehe. I believe we will get along smoothly! Thanks for dropping by to say hi and nice to meet you <3
  8. Eva: evaaaa! *hugs* yes, I'm back!! America is so much better than Indonesia though. I KNOW RIGHT? I've got like 3 assignments that must be submitted within two weeks and all i've been doing is procrastinate. Bad, bad ayu. D': But good luck on your projects though, lovely! And thank yoou. So glad to be back Laura: eeeek! You have no idea how excited I am to find a fellow Peter and Whouffaldi fans!!! Omg he's practically the same age as my dad, but I just cant help it. He's such a bae, dont you think? <3 Aw yes! Should I move to England so we can start a clu
  9. Hi, everyone! My name is Ayu and I'm 20. I'm obviously not new here cause I've been on TDA around a year. But, I don't usually post or talk much here since I'm pretty much a shy person myself lol. I stumbled upon TDA when I was looking for a banner for my story and long story short, here I am as a junior artist. Ok so a little bit about me. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm in uni, majoring in Hospitality, specifically Culinary and Patisserie Arts. I'm hoping to open my own bakery as soon as I graduate. I love baking, reading books, listening to music, travelling, singing (only in my bedroo
  10. [b]Name:[/b] Ayu/Anissa [b]Tumblr:[/b] starry-eyed4 [b]Twitter:[/b] anssyln [b]Skype:[/b] PM me [b]Other:[/b] n/a
  11. Yay, Daisy!! Congrats, girl! <3
  12. Thank you so much for that cover, it is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm sorry again I was such a pain... And thank you for being so speedy!! <3

    1. doctor oswald

      doctor oswald

      Haha that's totally okay! I'm glad you like it <3

  13. Congrats on the promo, Daisy!! You so deserve it <3
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