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  1. Added a few more paintings I've recently ish done. The circle one was for my dad's supervisor. She essentially saved his life. So it is a thank you gift...… Go figure the one I MOST want to keep I have to give away. LOL.
  2. Awwww. Thank youuuuuu! I've done a few more things but it's been for people on Twitch. And birthday presents!
  3. The ONLY thing about it that is just... so annoying is that it is BEYOND messy. There are no words to how messy it is. Typically after every piece my hands are covered in paint....
  4. Ya'll! That piece was actually a commission! It was one of my first black and white AS WELL as a glass piece. Thank you so much. :)
  5. I recently just started doing acrylic pours. I literally NEVER thought I would be making money from PAINTING, but I've already gotten numerous commissions... I'm so proud of myself and I figured I'd share my works with you guys/gals. The oldest will be toward the bottom.
  6. Do not want hurricane Florance.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      Take care! Be safe, girl!

    3. choobacca


      did you have to evacuate? thinking of you right now Amanda. stay safe!! good luck to you and your family <333

    4. Photoshopfreak


      We didn't have to evacuate. But there is A LOT of flooding. My husband can't get to work because all roads are basically closed.

  7. Getting my hair cut today. 2-4 inches off and probably going to get a really cool color too. :)

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    2. Photoshopfreak


      Well.... I wanted it to be a purple/gray ombre ... and I didn't want it cut as short as the girl did it.... and it's like a red/magenta....


      Needless to say. Won't be going back there.

    3. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      oh no, that's the worst!! i'm sorry ):

    4. panacea.
  8. One from the senior portrait session that I did this past Saturday. The sunflowers weren't fully grown so we will probably be going back again. That and it RAINED basically the entire time we were out. >.<
  9. I love talking make-up. I'm such a girl.

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    2. panacea.


      haha yes i was thinking of opening a youtube makeup challenge but makeup is so expensive i wouldn't be able to afford buying stuff and filming videos the way people do nowadays

    3. panacea.


      I meant "channel" not challenge lol i'm stuck in graphic thinking mode

    4. love.story


      new challenge- print your graphic out, artistically apply makeup, and then reupload it lol


    1. floralprint


      congrats! i remember you mentioning all the issues they were causing

  11. YOU NOMINATED ME TOO!!!! What is going on?! Lol. Thank you so much. Was super sure I wasn't getting nominated at all this year.

    1. bittersweetflames


      well-deserved, darling. <3 you're always amazing! :D how are you, sweetie? :)

  12. Ahhhhh. GIRL! Thank you for the second nomination! Seriously. I can't even.

  13. YOU! Thank you for the DMA nomination! I can't believe people still nominated me even though I haven't been around!!! It makes my heart sing! Thank you!

    1. .amaris


      Lols of course! You totally deserved it <3

  14. Thank you for thrid noming me!!! I was gone so much this year that I really didn't think I was going to be nom'd for anything!!! It means a lot!!!

    1. choobacca


      girl i love your graphics, they do not go unnoticed by me even if you feel like you're not making a lot :')

  15. Thank you for seconding me for the nom!!! It means a lot! ( really did not think I was going to get nom'd for anything )

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