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  1. Link to place to be used: Home (T)Text to include on graphic: just the title HomeImages to include on graphic: A yellow tabby cat is the main thing. Other than that, it's pretty much up to you. The story is about Crookshanks trying to find Hermione during battle, so maybe some smoke or ruins or fire. Darker colors. (Here are a few images of cats I pulled from Pixabay. You don't have to use them. They are just reference, although I believe they are usable if you'd like. Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4Dimensions: 700x110Additional information: This story is darker. It takes place during the last battle at Hogwarts. Thank you to whoever picks this up!
  2. I would absolutely love for you to give it a try! ❤️
  3. Hey I saw you just requested a graphic on my ufg thread. Unfortunately, I kind of lost all my psds sometime back but forgot to close the threads. Just wanted to let you know. Sorry for the trouble ❤️

    1. TreacleTart


      OMG. This legitimately breaks my heart. I was hoping to use as many of those pretty banners and CIs as possible. Would you still be up for me using them if no changes were needed? 

    2. azimuth


      Yeah, that's fine! I deleted the thread, but if you still need them, they're in my gallery. :)

  4. [b]Link to place to be used:[/b] A Collection of Poems [b]Text to include on graphic:[/b] A Collection of Poems [b]Images to include on graphic: (faceclaims, other relevant images)[/b] Whatever you feel like doing. [b]Dimensions:[/b] 700 x 110 [b]Additional information: (mood, colour preferences, animation, etc.)[/b] I love a mix of bright and dark colors...I don't have any particular images in mind because this is a collection of varied poems, so really floral, a library, clocks, trains, whatever you want is cool. I'm not even opposed to having a person on it as long as they are not the focal point.
  5. Aww Taylor. It's beautiful. I have to tell you, you picked screenshots of Maluma from my absolute favorite video of his. (Corazon) ❤️ Thank you so much!
  6. @ShadowRose Thank you so much Taylor! I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with. (And if any of those face claims are too hard, please let me know and I'll be happy to think of someone else.)
  7. @Lola. Thank you! It's lovely. Yes, this request is still needed.
  8. Size: 500x200 & 100x100 Images: For the main person on my graphics, I'd like either Maluma, Ozuna, or Nicky Jam. Text: Te boté (main text) De mi vida (in smaller text) Color Preferences: bright colors. I'll leave what colors you use up to you, just as long as they are bright! Preferred Mood: well, the song lyrics are about kicking an ex out of your life, but sort of celebrating it....so it can be sort of dark Link to Place to be Used: http://hpfanfictalk.com/profile/47-treacletart/ Link to Screencap: https://i.imgur.com/0y2DdfO.png When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): I honestly can't remember the last time. Probably at least 18 months ago. Additional Information: Please, make sure there's an accent mark above the E in the title just as it's written in the text section. Thank you to anyone who picks this up! All the hugs! <3
  9. Sorry I took so long. I’m traveling in South Americaand haven’t had WiFi for a bit. Rehosting and crediting now. Thank you so much!
  10. Hey! Sorry for the delay! I was away for the holidays. Thanks for picking this up. Yes, I'd like any one of the four models on it. Whichever is easiest for you to work with is fine by me.
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