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  1. woah hi im back this is a hit of nostalgia 

    if i forget my password one more time im never getting into this acct ever again bc the password recovery emails don't reach me for some reason

    1. ailhsa


      hi! glad to see you. I've always loved your work :)

  2. like this? or did you want the other texture removed as well?
  3. how's this? i feel like im over or under-filtering everything though gahh anyway u know the drill!! lmk if you want any changes and sry for taking forever l o l

    1. abyss


      we can meet up in sj or sf??? pm me??? c: c: c:

    2. abyss


      update: we are thinking of going to the sf moma

  5. Thanks so much for that mention in the squee thread! ‚ô•

  6. [img=http://i.imgur.com/8s3hKcA.png]
  7. en u cutie patootie macaroni dipsy thanks so much 4 the squee i want to make u 5000 pancakes <333

    1. satellite


      thank YOU 4 squeeing me like 4 million times

      tho i will graciously accept this offer of food :^))

  8. hello friend! Tysm for your lovely comment on my gallery - I just replied ^^

    1. satellite


      yay!! <33

      tbh i wish i couldve been of more help w the ci !! i feel like i managed to confuse both u and myself multiple times ;__;

    2. magnifique.


      haha but you know what, it all worked out in the end and I really like the end result so I still appreciate the help! :3

  9. OK so i saw this+ sig in pylc and screamed!!!!! what the hell !!!!!!!!!!!! it looks incredible and cohesive and the coloring w/ the orange textures is gorgeous and how you manage to make it work w/ a massive upside down person in the middle ahhhhh you've got such a lovely hip n cool style too and i just love everything here ok ((also a v late congrats on your promo!!)
  10. name: en big buddy, little buddy, or flexible?: big! graphics program and version: photoshop cc timezone: PDT (pacific time) / GMT-7 i think? if big buddy: willing to take more than 1 little?: possibly? may have to check again w/ me later AHHH im so excited !!!!! :sean:
  11. holy moly ur back nd alive

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    2. satellite


      a girl of many talents ;))))

      im so done w free & for sale tbh i messaged someone for 3 days abt a desk and then she stopped replying to me 2 days ago like what??? please i need to sit somewhere

      summer session ends 8/12 and im p sure fall semester starts 8/24 lmao why did i condemn myself to this

      but im technically always in the bay and i only have class 4 days a week so hmu whenever ur both around !!! :^)

    3. abyss


      omg good luck!! what are you taking for summer session? and yay sounds good i'll let her know! probably going to be sometime early august

    4. satellite


      discrete and probability ;____; we went through proofs and induction in like 2 days and now we're on graph theory im gonna die

      IM READY BUT ALSO ANXIETY what if i am severely uncool irl

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