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  1. Hi <3 Welcome to TDA! Can't wait to see your stuff!
  2. This is really cool! Thanks for putting this together <3
  3. I think we should keep the ranks as they are? Because honestly, as a JA, and maybe this is just me, I want to know that I EARNED my spot to be with the SAs, not that I was just lumped with them because of some people arbitrarily throwing them together because the gap between them is smaller than the rest?? Maybe that's just me that feels that way. I think signing up for promotions is the best way to do this, and combining it with the rubric idea, so someone can look at their gallery and look at the rubric and think "oh, okay, I think I have a 7 in blending and an 8 in composition and a 5 in te
  5. To Kirjava's post- while the Bowdown to Grad/Staff would help people learn more, I think that also perpetuates the separation between higher and lower ranks, placing them on a pedestal and having the lower ranks "bow down". (Which, tbh, I've always had a problem with the term bow down, because bowing is a way of showing someone you are not worthy of being on their presence. That's why people bow down to kings and queens, it's a sign of respect and a sign of their inferiority. Maybe call the "Bowdown challenges" something like an Admiration Challenge? I think that has a much better connotat
  6. Short thought to add- Those of you that are saying you've "felt the community" and that TDA is a "great and loving community" (I haven't seen a post like that in a bit, but still), have you read THIS THREAD ALONE? People are tearing each other up. People are fighting. From both sides, and, I admit, from myself. And, most importantly, people are saying that they don't feel comfortable, and others are telling them, quite basically, to suck it up. This is not a good nor supportive community, and I think that is completely evident by the responses in this thread alone. I will answer tho
  7. Maybe they do, but that's because they've been conditioned through the years to repeat their style. -I- want to see a graphic and go, "wow, that's awesome! I wonder who made that?" Then find out it's an artist I already adore who managed to make something SO UNIQUE it no longer looked like it was made by them.
  8. ^ im sorry, but why do I need a style? Honestly, I LOVE trying out things I've never tried before. And if that means I'm never going to get promoted, that's stupid, because I could master every skill from photoshop, but I'm not allowed to be promoted because I like trying new things and don't have a "consistent style"? That doesn't make any sense to me. People get bored of trends in graphics, I get bored of trends in my own graphics, so I change them. THIS SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED, not something we surpress. That's all I'm going to say about the style thing because tbh everyone else has alrea
  9. HI IM LESLIE AND YAY ARCHITECTURE STUDENT Currently I'm Interior Design but hoping to go into architecture for grad school <3 Welcome back to TDA, feel free to PM me if you want to talk about HP or architecture or anything <3 <3 <3
  10. Current Name: Obviously-ThatGirl Desired Name: padfoot. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): Yes Previous Name Changes: None
  11. I'll show some of my stuff <3 Here's a photorendering I did for class- the top part is a magazine, and the bottom part is all colored pencil And then I took a Jewelry and Metals class this semester, and this was my final project- two rings that fit inside one another. I'm really proud of the rose <3 EDIT - hello I am back and here to add something! I've recently gotten into sketching, and this is currently in my gallery, but here, have a Captain Jack Sparrow.
  12. Hi twinnie baby <3 I loveeeeeeee your gallery and all your work. Gosh it's so beautiful. I cannot express how much I like this. It's so amazing and simple yet beautiful and UGH I WANT YOUR SKILLS OKAY. I always think you do really well with colors, but it was nice to see a B&W image (here). I think that one is your best banner (out of the ones you have here) though I can't really explain why. The only thing that could improve it/make me like it more is if you paid more attention to the edge of the model image- you can sort of see where the picture ended on the canvas. Blend it out
  13. Hi bby <3 Saw your comment on my gallery and was like "hey! I'll go visit hers!" so here I am! I LOVE your Chapter Images and your "Holding On By A Thread" Banner. <3 They're so pretty and the composition is really nice and the chapter images are all unified but distinctly different (if that makes sense) Anyways YAY FOR GALLERY VISITS! -Leslie out-
  14. Crawling around TDA for stuff to do

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