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  1. thank you so much everyone <3 i'm feeling the love hahah
  2. omg you're too kind!! thank you so much lovely, i feel so welcomed rn everyone does seem really sweet omg, thank you for the help and everything!!
  3. helloooo pretty new to tda tbh i started wayyy back in 2013, but i never got the chance to actually introduce myself i felt a little intimidated???? not too sure why, but now i'm back into making graphics and i'm keen to start again
  4. that is some fancy shmancy graphics you got there way better than i could ever do :3 just wanted to stop by and take in how perfect you are ;__;
  5. Your graphics are so beautiful please don't think I'm odd, I just wanted to tell you, you have talent :3 okay, maybe I'm a little odd but you know... yeah...
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