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  1. thank you so much Gaby!! this was all so helpful and i really appreciate you taking the time to come critique this for me, i've had a feeling i was getting stuck in a comfort zone and i really am thankful for your tips in overcoming that. can't wait to give the challenge a try
  2. hi ana!! i saw someone squee the sig you made for janessa and just had to stop by and oh my gosh everything is so pretty here! your signatures especially are just so beautiful i'm absolutely in love!! the colours in your gallery are so beautiful too???? i really am extra in love with this+ and this+, the text on the chapter image is just so fun and the blend is just so clever i'm obsessed what an amazing use of the images!! i can't wait to see more 🥰
  3. alskaskd i took so long to reply because i didn't know how to reply to one compliment and ended up with THREE??? um thank you all so much this is all very kind and i am very appreciative of your nice words 🥺🥺 it really means so much that you took the time to comment!!!! ahhhh i don't even have words i don't know what to say i'm blushing. thank you !!!! 🥰
  4. unbelievable, show-stopping, incredible, never been done before. i'm literally obsessed with everything you do every single thing was so beautiful. i swear with every section i thought i knew what i wanted to mention and praise and then the next scroll showed me something even better??? the banners actually had me speechless honestly all of them i really don't understand how you do it, but the vertical banners were just the icing on the cake. please never stop you're just so good i'm so in love 🥰
  5. sarah. 26. - s i g n a t u r e s - - c h a p t e r i m a g e s - - b a n n e r s - - credits - if you think someone is missing please let me know!
  6. @ graphics, please work for me now

    1. Photoshopfreak


      My current mood....but 24/7.

    2. winter bear.

      winter bear.

      it's a perpetual state, really

    3. Caustic


      wut is cooperation??

  7. sos how do you graphic? all i know how to do is watch sports and cry over harry styles.

  8. so... how do you graphic, again?

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    2. panacea.


      how would you like it if harry styles gave you a 1 on 1 mentoring session?

    3. winter bear.

      winter bear.

      i would sob for the rest of my life

  9. i have so much muse but i haven't graphiced in so long i don't even know where to start :o

  10. Current Name: wild youth. Desired Name: harry styles. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please Previous Name Changes: LightLeviosa5443 > wild youth.
  11. Hi!!!! Your present is in there because it got too long not to be. OKAY. THAT'S IT. A TERRIFYING GALLERY COMMENT INCLUDING 20 GIFS AND LOTS OF SQUEEING AND IT ACTUALLY TOOK ME AN HOUR JUST LIKE I SAID IT WOULD. (an hour and a half if you count the 30 minutes i spent this morning collecting the fragments of this post i had scattered all of my word docs and browser history) this was a fantastic 801st post (because i failed and posted somewhere else omg), to be honest. so thanks for letting me though i'd like to clarify to everyone else that the gifs were all your idea. love you honey buns
  13. if anyone finds my chill could they please return it to me?

  14. /crashes in HI LOVER. SO. IM BACK. SHOCKER. OH MY GOSH. BUT THIS TIME I COME BEARING CHLOE NORGAARD GIFS SO IT'S EVEN BETTER THIS TIME. plus you love me endlessly now. as evident by my calling you lover. duh. wait hold on i just realized i should probably /look/ at your gallery before i comment on it. (lol but i have all the gifs ready like i just already know my reactions because you're that fab and we're mind twins so) okay first of all excuse you there is no funny in here. it's all amazing. but there is no funny. so excuse you. second of allll. can you stop being perfect. like lit
  15. mine 1. I hate myself for not being first 2. I hate you for being so damn perfect. 3. GDI NOT FAIR MIKE. 4. I promise there will be much less crazy in this gallery than there was in the last one. (hopefully) okay wait we're just going to start off with this gif hi so like, i don't even know where to start with you. because everytime i look at your gallery i just go "oh wow i wish i was mike and i wish i could do that" and then you make new things and im like "how" and then you're like "oh i'm rusty" and i'm like that's rusty? and then im sitting here like do i hate him for being so pe
  16. Current Name: LightLeviosa5443 Desired Name: wild youth. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please Previous Name Changes: none
  17. daiiiiisssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i h8 you because you're so ridiculously talented and i'm not, but that's okay because that means that i get to sit in your gallery and just stare at the pretties and pretend like i could do that some day no but seriously major throwback to when you were an MA because your graphics now are literally perfect and your old stuff is such a huge contrast and i love the way you evolved. because it's a beautiful beautiful thing. I don't even have a favorite because I can't handle it. also i'm dropping this comment as a thank you for being super helpful sarah
  18. so i told myself i wasn't going to comment on your gallery if i was within the last three pages, but i think i'm in like every 3 pages here so... i'm commenting. hi. bye. lol just kidding um i'm here to stalk your beauties because your graphics give me life and i wish i was like you because you are wonderfully wonderful and i don't even know -how- you exist. or your graphics. or you. but like. both. that made no sense. nonsensicalness. also i've decided that when i reg Em i want you to make her first set kay now bye.
  19. um hi you're perfect. okay wait let's restart. Hi, I'm Sarah and your gallery is absolutely perfect. like i'm so in love with everything in here it hurts. I am obsessed with your vertical banners, how do you even? and those icons have me crying. (almost literally) and that first sig is just Basically, your gallery killed me and I am in graphic heaven. please make more so i can admire it. kthxbye Sarah
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