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  1. HOLY CANOLI!! honestly, when i saw your comment, i was just beaming from ear to ear. everything about this place fills me with nostalgia despite the shiny new appearance and to see some other oldies check in from time to time bring me great joy. i only joined back start of april after like four years of absence so guess we seem to have great timing seeing each other again meghna, i missed you too & i'm so glad you're doing well. you know i'd make you banners and sigs any day ❤️ thanks for your kind words. and we may not have a glomp emoji, but know that i will always glomp
  2. !!! i wasn't expecting this at all haha, thank you so much for featuring me in the digest for may ~ (do feel kinda old now though, LMAO). i absolutely love the theme of this month as well, makes me wish i had a garden or a balcony to test out these tips. nice work @ the editors !!
  3. no lie i could look at your graphics every day and never grow tired of what i'm seeing, because i think each and every graphic in here looks absolutely phenomenal. i love how despite the vibrancy of your coloring, there's still such a soft quality to your images and the composition and use of text is just,,, yeah, i love everything.
  4. congrats on the promo, wow all your graphics are so pretty!! i saw your entry for april UC and was really impressed by how you used images and textures together and how dynamic each and every graphic looks. the colouring here is absolutely to die for, that combination of blue and orange is so beautiful!
  5. congratulations on the promotion, i super love your use of texture and colour in your graphics and the way it all works together. that first blend is my favorite, it looks so bright and the composition looks awesome
  6. congratulations on the promo, so super well deserved! i absolutely love your diverse use of colour, the way you can do both bright and dark colouring in such a vibrant way. i think this is my favorite because of how soft and pretty it looks and i'm a sucker for pink pastel.
  7. congratulations on the promo! i absolutely loved your entry for the neon challenge and your text and composition is so great across the board!! excited to see what else you do
  8. smooch i'm love u, don't talk to me about talent when you're out there with your delicious colouring ❤️ have lots more to look at now ~
  9. eyyyy look at you new shiny member artist!!! you should show off your icon work as well, and some of the promos you made for tumblr you know i love the simplicity of your work and the way you use colours and images -- it is all very pleasing to the eye. love u, nerd ❤️
  10. blows a kiss

    1. amoretti


      Hope you're well xx

  11. i tried posting in here and then it ate my reply so here's attempt numero dos. i don't know if you remember me, but man it's good to see you around still !! your graphics seem to have only gotten better since the uh, four years i was gone and i don't know what i like more - your eye for composition, the gorgeous and crisp colours, the fact that you can put so much detail into a single graphic without making it look overwhelming?? all of it is just chef's kiss. like a magpie, i would like to hoard all the shiny. xoxo enya
  12. aye girl, are you a dementor? because you take my breath away

  13. super late to this partay, but thanks everyone!!!!
  14. Hi guys! I don't think this is too big a surprise to anyone, considering my rather abysmal activity these last few months, but I am retiring as an Admin from TDA. I want to thank everyone, old and new, who has made these past (almost) seven years as an Admin a great experience for me. Though it hasn't always been an easy road, I've learned a great deal about how to run a community and I've met a lot of great people, and have seen and even helped happen quite a few changes, which made this decision quite a difficult one. Nevertheless, real life keeps pushing its way in and I find I hardly
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