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  1. super late to this partay, but thanks everyone!!!!
  2. Hi guys! I don't think this is too big a surprise to anyone, considering my rather abysmal activity these last few months, but I am retiring as an Admin from TDA. I want to thank everyone, old and new, who has made these past (almost) seven years as an Admin a great experience for me. Though it hasn't always been an easy road, I've learned a great deal about how to run a community and I've met a lot of great people, and have seen and even helped happen quite a few changes, which made this decision quite a difficult one. Nevertheless, real life keeps pushing its way in and I find I hardly have energy to make graphics let along give this site and all its members the attention it and you deserve, especially when it comes to getting in new members. I'm hoping with this decision I might actually get some time again to focus on graphics once more instead of feeling guilty that I'm not doing enough as an Admin. The current Admins will most definitely keep on doing a great job and, of course, I'll still be around!! My inbox and wall are always open for questions and comments and I'll never say no to getting to know new members. All my love, - Enya
  3. award to be edited in Congratulations to steadily for being this month's featured artist! As a member, Charlotte has been contributing a lot to TDA ever since she joined, giving her input by for example becoming a DA Digest Manager, participating in the Vault and offering up her expertise in the critique corner. As an artist we've seen her steadily improving going from member artist to graduate artist in the span of just a few months, giving us graphics with a beautiful style that is both bright and colourful as well as soft - and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more from her! This position is well deserved
  4. Time to vote for this month's FA. See reasons for nomination here below:
  5. anyone here also going to MCM comic con in london next week?

    1. oz.


      if i can hide ur luggage: sure

    2. winter soldier

      winter soldier

      /comes to the train station w 4 suit cases 'why yes ofc i need these many for 4 days it's one suitcase per cosplay outfit pls don't touch the airholes the costumes may bite'


    3. choobacca
  6. Hiya Vashti, SORRY THIS IS LIKE 3 MONTHS LATE I swear I am so bad at keeping up with this... promise I wasn't ignoring you or anything, I was going to reply to you but I didn't have time and then it slipped my mind completely. This tends to happen to me often >____< Anyway, you can be sure I've seen Deadpool and I loved it! It was hilarious and so on point to dp's character and above all, I hope it can pave the way to new r-rated superhero movies!!!! Thanks for always coming back to TDA btw (: I'm really glad we seem to be doing some things right, at least, lmao. And I'm hoping with reviving the social media and perhaps giving TDA an image change, we can get in some new members too! BUT YES, lovely to meet you, you can always shoot me a PM if you wanna talk, ^_^ Rohini, (not Katlynn :| LOL IM STILL SO SORRY) Yay fellow Marvel nerd! Thanks for all those comic recommendations, I'll definitely look into it. I'm actually going to MCM comic con in London next week, so I can look those up there if they've got 'em!! I really love Black Widow and Bucky Barnes comics I've found. Will deffo check out that full reading guide you linked, once I've got a bit more time. Yeah, I've seen Civil War and aside from the fact that I really wish they'd picked something other than .... civil war...... bc why?? .... I thought it was really great! ngl, The Winter Soldier will always be my fave CA movie, but this one was a close second. The Russos should direct all movies from now on pls. What type of journalism do you want to get into??
  7. Please welcome nyx, arrietty. and apsara. as dueling arena, critique corner and up for grabs moderators respectively! Welcome to the team guys We'd also like to thank everyone who sent in an application.
  8. Thanks everyone that sent in an application, we will be considering them carefully and an announcement will be made shortly!
  9. With some recent changes, a few new moderator positions have opened up for which we would need someone willing to fill them. We're currently looking for: 1 critique moderator, 1 dueling arena moderator and 1 UFG moderator You can apply for the positions if you have a warn level of 0% have been a member for more than three months are familiar with the rules of respective forums we allow artists of any rank to apply, but note that we want to encourage more non-staff artists to apply The duties of a critique moderator include to answer members' questions if there are any, regularly (every few days or so) clean out old topics from the Critique Corner, and ensure all rules for this area are being adhered to. We would also hope that you take an active role in the area by (continuing to) critique The duties of a dueling arena moderator include to answer members' questions if there are any, post regular challenge polls, updating the poll data in the winner's topics and ensuring challenges run smoothly and to the deadline. the duties of an UFG moderator will be managing the topics, like checking new requests, making sure that requestors have permission to request new graphics, and that they are rehosted and credited after claiming a new graphic. Old topics and broken links need to be cleaned out if they are extremely outdated. If you want to apply, please send me (winter soldier) an application describing your reasons for wanting to become a TDA moderator. Note that we judge you based partially on this application, so why it doesn't have to be long, it should make us want to take you on! Please also mention which position you are applying for! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO APPLY FOR MORE THAN ONE POSITION!
  10. Hi, please remember to add all your replies into one post instead of double posting!! I'm leaving it like this now, but just put all your replies to people in one post next time, thanks
  11. award by tea cup Congratulations to padmeamidalas for being this month's Featured Artist! Despite only having joined in January, Rohini has quickly shown herself to be an active, enthousiastic and most of all helpful member of the TDA community, filling requests, helping out in the critique section and participating and posting challenges. Not to mention her graphics are gorgeous and I'm sure they will become even more so throughout the coming months! Give her a congrats
  12. You can find the answer HERE that is to say, we do allow guns or knives on images as long as they are not being used in a graphic way. So no bloody knives, or no guns being fired etc etc. Though that's the rule for TDA here, it's possible you will need to check what the rules on HPFF are in regards to displaying guns and knives on images.
  13. Again, sorry we're at this a little late. Please find a list of nominations and the reason for it below
  14. I'm so putting that award in my gallery it'll be the only update I'll probably do this month hashtag epic fail.
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