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  1. shhhh lolita is an excellent book (nabokov is one of my faves) and that chapter image is sooo pretty

  2. Can I just say your composition game is really on point? Everything you have in your gallery right now is super lovely and I can't wait to see more!! Especially the what am I doing CI. I think I'm in love
  3. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys <3 I actually have no idea how to fill the next two posts but I can't wait to post a gallery on here!
  4. My name is Liz and I joined this site last year (and then immediately forgot about it for twelve months). But I actually want to participate now so I thought I'd introduce myself I go to high school in Canada and I've been kind of doing graphic stuff in my spare time, most of which is just fiddling on photoshop. Have no idea how I found this website actually, but remembered thinking it was really cool that it was HP themed. I'm in way too many fandoms to be healthy, some of which include hp, game of thrones, doctor who, sherlock and american horror story. and that kinda ends my super
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