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  1. HITTIN' UP THE STAFF GALLERIES TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR PROMO -- CONGRATULATIONS <3 THIS HAS BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME COMING I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! i literally love everything in your gallery, all of your banners are so gorgeous i have no idea how you do it pls make a tutorial at some point because the world needs to know. also forever in love with the amount of mads in here *-* keep on keeping on, you're fab and your graphics are gorg and YOU'RE A STAFFER !!!!
  2. salazar

    An Apology

    okay i've tried to skim most comments but this got so long homg so apologies if i'm repeating something that has already been suggested! these are just quick but; --as far as gallery commenting being on the down low - i think there's a rule somewhere about making comments sort of, in-depth and 'not spammy' (unless that rule has been removed in which case totally ignore me) which i do totally understand but i've always felt a bit nervous about posting in galleries like 'wow, i love your stuff, especially *this banner, keep it up!' and stuff like that because i thought i'd get into trouble
  3. salazar

    An Apology

    Okay, I wasn’t going to comment anything here because I honestly just wasn’t sure if I cared enough to. I started writing a response to the September Promotions comment earlier, and I just gave up, because there’s a part of me that feels so done with all of this. But if adding my thoughts helps even a little bit, then it’s worth it, right? I feel like the problems with what was written earlier have already been addressed a lot, so I’ll try not to repeat everything. I just think it’s sad that a comment like that was made in a thread that pretty much every single member on this site is going to
  4. swinging by to say congrats again on fa! i'm so so so happy for you, you deserve this so much, and you've improved so much in the past few months it's honestly incredible! it's really hard picking out what i love the most but i think this, this and this are some of my favourite things in here, that banner in particular just hOW every time i see it i have to stare for a little while :'))) your use of text is gorgeous and i'm always in absolute awe of people who have that black-background thingy in their galleries srsly, enjoy being featured, i'm super glad you got it this
  5. eeeeee thank you so much you guys!! <3333333
  6. i am so very late with this but thank you so much to everyone who's taken the time to comment here, reading through all these was what made me decide to revamp! <3
  7. Current Name: Lord Voldemort Desired Name: salazar Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please! Previous Name Changes: none so far
  8. Name: Maisie Tumblr: salazarsslytherin Twitter: n/a Skype: maz-berry Other: n/a /casually follows everyone
  9. I also voted for most of them because they pretty much all really interest me, but top two are definitely coding and digital painting! Coding is something I've been desperate to learn for ages now and all attempts to teach myself have not been super successful, and I think a community like this would really be able to do something great with digital painting, we already have so many amazing artists here and if TDA became a place for painting tutorials and help and advice as well, that'd be amazing. :')
  10. woooop! congrats karine! <333
  11. CONGRATS DAISY DARLING <33333333333
  12. massive congrats on featured artist, so so so well deserved - your filtering is to die for [scar voice] your founders chapter images are some of the prettiest things I have ever seen like in my whole life (and I have been in the same room as Andrew Scott like those CIs are frankly edible) and I'm having a minor heart attack over your gallery layout tbh, it's gorgeous also loving the lestrade all up in here - he is 500000% my division not gonna lie :')
  13. dreamz?! ain't nobody got time for dat! nah, I'm playin' bruh, you follow them dreamz and remember yo homedogs when you make it big, yo.
  14. I'm in love with your jily sig it is beautiful. <33333

    1. salazar


      aaah thanks! I love those two as Lily and James so so much <3

    2. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      Me too, they are such a great pairing. <3 Have you read the life and times fanfic?

    3. salazar


      omfg sorry I totally didn't notice this but YES! PERFECT FIC IS PERFECT! <3

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