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  1. I tried to send her a message, but a message popped up saying that she can't receive anymore messages.
  2. Size: 200 X 200 Images: Any of Emma Watson,Tom Felton, and Louis Cordice. Can be their HP characters, but doesn't have to be. Text: N/A Color Preferences: Darkish, but not too dark. Preferred Mood: Not overly happy, but not really dark either. Does that make sense? Link to Place to be Used: https://www.fanficti...~belovedenemy83 When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): N/A Additional Information: As you can see, I'm not too picky! Let your creativity flow! Thanks!!!
  3. Size: 1600x900 Images: Hermione Granger/Emma Watson and Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton Color Scheme Preferences: Darkish colors...blues, reds, silvers, etc. If you can find a background that would fit the Dramione/dark theme I'm looking for, that would be fine also. Quotes: Every good girl needs a bad boy Desktop Orientation: Taskbar on the bottom, icons on the left side of the screen. Additional Information: I'm pretty much giving you free rein! Thanks!
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