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    Reading books and fanfic, playing basketball, watching basketball, anything to do with basketball, writing (trying to) stories, slow musiiiiic <3, JAPANESE and anime :')


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  1. Seems like I'm drawn back here every vacation xD

    1. floralprint


      good to see you!

  2. Ganpatti Bappa Morya :') The modaks though <3333

  3. OMG Varsha!!! Your Daenerys sig just killed me! I'm literally drooling right now! How are you so talented?!♥♥

    1. RedHairGinny


      Ohh thank you so much :')))

      I totally love Daenerys <333 so all of that just translated into the sig!!


  4. "lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon, trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon" <3

  5. Hiiiiiii Athirah!!!!!! <3333 So a) you are super awesome b) your graphics are super awesome too!! I absolutely love each and every one of them, but my favourites are definitely your sigs and blends *____* and your comp is out of this world HOW DO YOU DO IT XD this and this and this are so fabulous! Just wow! I really really love your style it's so unique and texture-y and minimalistic yet beautiful (and everything that mine's not XDD) Hopefully one day I will be just as good as you are and I REALLY will work to make that happen you're an inspiration! <3 ~Varsha
  6. "tujh bin suraj mein aag nahi re, tujh bin koyal mein raag nahi re"

    1. RedHairGinny


      Adhuri, adhuri, adhuri kahaani... adhura alvida

      (Me toooo <3 )

    2. RedHairGinny


      full cycle? xDD

      I'm just going to be humming this the whole day now... not that there's much of it left!

    3. RedHairGinny
  7. Hey!! I happened to find your gallery and WOW, it is sooo amazing I love your banners and sigs and that icon set is just *_* The colouring and the softness of your graphics are just perfect and everything here is so beautiful <3 :') Okay now I'm just going to be repeating myself so I'll stop. P.S. - everything is super lovely P.S.S. - what did I say about repeating myself XD ~Varsha
  8. Oh, that's really cool!! I've been meaning to watch Clannad and Steins;Gate since forever! But haven't heard of the others I should go check them out!! And any critique will be really, really welcome I need it...
  9. Thanks I would love some advice, too!! Top five, huh. That's tough. Death Note, Psycho Pass, Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, FMA-B and Zankyou No Terror? I love sports anime too! Currently hooked to Diamond No Ace. What about you?!
  10. Hello, I do remember you!! A new gallery!! I've been working on it for some time so I've put it up already... but there are a few of my old things too (so I guess it's technically revamped isn't it? xD) But I'm going to try to switch out my old stuff as soon as I can with new and better graphics! (Anime is pretty addictive *_* )
  11. Hey Rohini!! Thanks for the welcome :') I'm looking forward to learning a lot more from this community too!!
  12. Hello everyone who's reading this! I'm Varsha, I'm from India, I love reading books and fanfics and I love experimenting with food and I love playing basketball and watching anime and... (I'll probably never stop if I try to list everything :'P I think I was born a fangirl) I'm kind of new to TDA (I was here quite a while back, but I had to leave because of exams and stuff!!). I don't quite remember a lot though... so I feel like a newbie alright XD *stops ranting* *takes breath* So I'm quite glad to be here again and I hope to learn a lot from all you awesome graphic designers Nice to
  13. Tilly!!!! :dance: Congrats to both of you, I'm sure you'll be excellent!!
  14. I decided to pop into your gallery, because you were kind enough to critique mine (and maybe to also steal some of the style! Haha! Like I could EVER do that…)!! And oh my!! This gallery is just mind-blowing! What I noticed first is that you use a lot of blacks, and then make the subject bright ’n’ flashy! And just - how do you make that work?!!! They're beautiful, your graphics Everything’s flashy and eye-catching and at the same time, perfectly chiselled… :-) Wonderful job, and maybe… one day… I’ll be as good as you. (Hey, I can hope, can’t I?) By the way, I’ll get on that challenge yo
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