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  1. first of all I love this blend it's beyond beautiful. Secondly I prefer elements from both of these? I like the sharp edges on the model's cheek and her features to be sharper (second image) but the other aspects to be softer (first image). I would drag both of these into your editor and layer the first image over top the second and then do a large eraser on 0% hardness and just click once or twice right over the middle! Whenever I can't decide I just combine things until I come up with something that feels right. But of course that's just something I would do, I think both variations are beautiful. If I had to choose just one, though, I'd pick the second one.
  2. I... I don't know how to pick a favorite? Your gallery is small but mighty! Congrats on your promotion it was well earned! (okay I think... I think +This is my favorite? maybe? I just love them all.)
  3. congratulations on your promotion, Emily! I. LoVE. THIS. It's so beautiful. The colors are so cohesive and the text is beautiful. I'm excited to see what you do next.
  4. I totally wasn't expecting a promotion thank you!!! Congrats to those promoted and the awards are beautiful!
  5. Firstly - Congratulations on your promotion! You totally deserve it :D I think +this blend is my favorite in your gallery, followed closely by +this banner. The colors you choose for your graphics are so soft and beautiful I could look at them all day!
  6. ^^^^^ I was gonna squee that too!!! It's SO PRETTY!!! and thank you so much for the squee ❤️❤️❤️ a LOT of pretty things are being made these days :D edit: uhm??? Hellooooo??? This by @Nebula. is beautiful!!!
  7. SAMMI!!! I've been meaning to leave a comment for a while but I was SO EXCITED when I saw that you were promoted to Senior Artist while I was absent! Congratulations!!! You've improved so much and I'm thrilled to be able to gush about which graphics are my favorite again >D Like +this banner!!! The text! The comp! The color!!! This banner punched me in the face and I said thank you. when you posted +this sig the other day I was so happy. The colors are beautiful and it's so dreamy which is like one of my favorite things ever. Honestly so proud of you. ❤️❤️❤️
  8. hey Rowan~ I was glancing through galleries and I've gotta say I love your sigs. +This one is my favorite, the way the comp is built makes me feel like I'm falling and it's awesome. +this one has beautiful colors but I think the text placement is really creative and fun. and +this one is so nice with the way you filled up the space and I love the gold/yellow coloring in it!!
  9. Taylor!!!! I looooove +this sig 😍 it's so GOOD! I love the coloring especially. It's extremely eye-catching. also? Hello? +this vertical banner ?????? probably my favorite thing in your gallery! The comp makes me really happy! Your gallery is lovely, I can't wait to check back in on it :D
  10. This theme was so cute and fun!!! I think my top five would have to be... 1. Emperor's New Groove 2. 3. 4. 5. and that's it. Kidding! It's Emperor's New Groove, Peter Pan, Hercules, Tarzan, and Treasure Planet! Thanks for the shout out that was unexpected and cool!
  11. ^ thats where I grabbed pics from so I could have a source for my credits! I hope this captures what you were looking for! let me know if there are any changes you'd like.
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