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  1. Hi Stephanie! Welcome back!
  2. Congratulations Branwen! I know you're going to be awesome!
  3. Congratulations, Rachel! The RA is a great section to mod and I know you'll do an excellent job with it.
  4. Hi there! Welcome to TDA! I'm Olivia, one of the moderators here. I'm on Pottersworld as well! I handle Helena von Krause (she's a 21 year old working in the Ministry). What are you creating with Illustrator?
  5. Congratulations to both of you! Welcome to the mod team!
  6. *starts unpacking tent* everything here is so gorgeous I don't think I ever want to leave seriously, your work is amazing the colouring, the stock use, the comp, the text, the animation... I think +this is my favourite from your gallery but tbh it was extremely hard to pick pls teach me your secrets
  7. Hi Mel! Welcome to TDA! I'm Olivia. I definitely think you should make a gallery so we can all see your graphics! What kind of music do you listen to (and I can definitely agree with you about metal and country. Just nope.) If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to PM me!
  8. Hi Ramya! Welcome back to TDA! I think I joined after you went on hiatus but I've seen your gallery in the Veteran Artist's section and drooled over it. I love your style so much Yay for finishing high school and starting college! I'm right there with you - except I still have another month of high school left I can't wait to start uni in the fall; I'm looking forward to it so much. What are you studying?
  9. Congratulations Kristina! You'll be a wonderful admin!
  10. Congratulations guys! Welcome to the mod team!
  11. Congratulations guys, from the other mod who also missed this don't worry Alison you're not alone
  12. Congratulations guys! Welcome to the mod team!
  13. So I just realized that you handle Eden Shirani-Jones on PW. I handle Helena von Krause and I'd love a thread if you're up for it :)

    1. choobacca


      lmaoooo that's amazing! yes i'd love to also!! :D

    2. choobacca


      i've been waiting for someone to be like "omg i'm _______" hahahah

  14. Congratulations, Jade! Welcome to the mod team!
  15. Hi Kennedy! I've finished your sig for the gift-it thread - did you want an icon to go with it?

    1. naboo.


      omg I just saw this now (oops) but yes I'd love an icon! ^_^

  16. Congratulations to the three of you!
  17. Welcome back to TDA! I don't know if you remember me - I joined in June 2014 and requested banners for six months before becoming an artist - but I was BellaLestrange87 and then Minerva. You should definitely start a gallery so we can see all your pretties!
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