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  1. Is that Taylor Swift lyrics right there? ;D hell yah. Loving your composition, definitely some busy backgrounds that are telling a story! I also really like the dreaminess you are adding with your texture use. ❤️ Can't wait to see more!
  2. Your signatures are amazing! I love your texture use and the coloring in your graphics are so pleasant on the eyes. ❤️ Hoping to see more!!!! My favorite graphic is the Park Aerin sig. ❤️
  3. I love how vibrant your colors are. I love how your text grabs my attention and my eyes don't hurt trying to find it somewhere in the graphic (which is my biggest problem.. text. URGH) thus I admire it all the more on your skills. Your Cedric sig is my favorite in here. I love the extra touches of texture and the colors all went really well together. Hufflepuff mood, for sure.
  4. Crash Landing was amazing, omg. I loved every moment. Binge watched it in two days. I haven't seen a drama that has filled my soul in such a long time. I've been watching old titles recently. Rewatched Pasta and I Need Romance 2012 in the spring time. ❤️ I will check out my Country! And haha, I dunno, maybe spotlight some My Girlfriend is Gumiho. And yah, photobucket is a freakin mess! Tinypic being gone was a punch in the gut. 😢 Thank you for the compliments! I need to rebuild myself now, so I wiped them away 😢 I tend to love the grunge look, as I only like to liste
  5. Thank you guys for the welcome~!
  6. no. no its not. sorry. xD Hi! My name is Edna, 28 yrs young, and I have been inactive for almost 10 years on this site... so I am totally new! Everyone I once knew must have changed their username... or left... gulp. 😢 Anyway, I need to find what my style is and catch up on what is poppin now. xD I love Harry Potter fanfiction, otp Drarry!, and I consider myself a huge T-Swizzle fan. Hope to get to know people here! Covid has been so isolating, feel like i'm in high school all over again T____T lol... sad.
  7. ~4 years later Thank you all! My gallery has been updated again! I hope I can meet the new Staff Artist standard. &themoon: hahahaha, i don't think i could make TOP unhot. No matter how much I try. <3 Thank you! Bexy: Thank you <3 kpop rules. and kdramas toooo. heddy:i have missed you my friend. thank you for your kind words. i treasure them dearly. <3 zephyra:thank you! um. i got back to it... haha... doh. thankyouthankyou.
  8. i adoreeee your icons. <3

  9. Bexy

    >.> . . . I saw your PK icons and had to say <33 <.< . . .

  10. Happy Birthday!!!!! love youuu <333

  11. happy birthday! <33

  12. Happy birthday! Have a great day!

  13. happy birthday, hun! <3

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