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  1. hello! is this request still needed?
  2. Hi! PW rules allow links to TDA from what I just read but just adding “TDA” works as well, thank you ^_^
  3. Lola.

    [open]PW set request

    Hello @Jane! thank you for requesting at TDA! I moved this topic to the Specific Artists forum since you’re requesting for artists with rank senior+ to fill this request
  4. Hi @padfoot. thank you for the screencap! Is the name of the artist link to her account on TDA? If it’s not could you please add the @tda bit for a proper credit? thank you!
  5. Hello! Just letting you know I moved the requested to the Specific Artists forum since you're requesting for artists with rank senior+ to fill in this request
  6. Hi, I'm opening this but just letting you know the screencap is actually the link to the profile! Since it's guest friendly, it's not a big deal this time
  7. Hi there @lovegood27! could you please specify if you need a banner that is 700x110 or 700x150? This is to avoid the artist doing a different size and having to redo a graphic thank you!
  8. Hello! In the future, please be specific about the dimensions of the graphic you want because changing the size of the graphic can be problematic, not look as good anymore and sometimes it can result in the artist having to re-do the entire graphic I'm leaving it up to @Kirjava to decide if she can make the changes or not
  9. I checked with the PW staffers at some point about more specific general guidelines and they suggested the nipple line as a good rule of thumb but I can cover it for you if you prefer I’ll get it done some time next week!
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