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  1. Hello wonderful artists! I went through all galleries and did a bit of a cleanout! A lot of Master Artists were moved to Veteran Artists forum due to inactivity in the past 6 months! If you're a Veteran Artist and you'd like to be bumped to Master Artist, please update your gallery and let one of the Admins know ❤️ Everyone else, if you gallery hasn't been updated in the past year, it's been moved to Gallery Protection Program. If you want it back, please PM one of the Admins 😊
  2. Hi Karni! That's so nice of you ❤️ I personally feel that at the moment, all TDA financial needs are being met so there's not need to ask for donations 😊
  3. hi! the link leads to the main page rather than your story! ❤️ i will open the request once the link is fixed ❤️
  4. the forums should be hidden now, thank you for the heads up!
  5. Lola.

    board offline

    and we are back! thanks for your patience! since the site was offline for no longer than an hour, there will be no extension for challenges and voting! :) if you come across any error, please report them here: happy graphicing! 😊
  6. @matcha -- due to inactivity from the requestor, this is now considered as closed request 😞 you are encouraged to recycle the graphic in any way you see fit ❤️
  7. Lola.

    board offline

    Hello! This is heads up that TDA will be going offline on January 17 as we do some backstage work ❤️ all challenges will get an extension for the days that the board will be offline. Hopefully, we will be back before the end of the weekend!
  8. Is it for all threads because I saw you post in some? If it’s not for all threads and you’re still experiencing the issue please post the links to the threads that are causing the issues 😊 thank you!
  9. Thank you! Are you still experiencing the problem? It could have been that you were trying to post around some server maintenance time :)
  10. Please remember the following rules when "squeeing" graphics: do not quote/repost graphics that have already been squeed so as to save on bandwidth (not because we don't like seeing them again, but Photobucket is rather nasty in regard to bandwidth). show RESPECT! so if you don't like a graphic that someone has squeed, then close your eyes and move on. If you wish to offer a certain artist critique based on a graphic you see here, you can always go to their gallery and do so there. please avoid referring to promotions in this thread so as to not insult the admins. One excellent graphic made byan artist does not warrant a promotion. Also avoid making too many posts that do not include graphics, but that rather only comment on already-posted graphics. The more graphics included in this thread, the better, and there certainly is no shortage of good graphics on this site to find squee-worthy. Happy posting!
  11. Lola.

    Name change day!

    everyone who's changed their nicknames so far, don't forget to post here! thank you!
  12. the problem with e-mails should be fixed now! if you're still not receiving them, please let the admins know It may go to spam at first so be sure to check your spam folder!
  13. Hi @moodygirl! the link leads to the request rather than the screencap! could you please repost it? :) feel free to reply to the thread so it doesn't get missed! :)
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