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  1. To whomever picks this up — this is a different PW site so don’t be confused by the dimensions
  2. Hi @Medieval are you still working on this?
  3. hello! so i made a set as per your request but I wasn't entirely happy with it so I also made an alternative version that is nothing like your request so feel free to choose between these two!!! + + @Bespangled.
  4. I bumped you to member gallery but please edit in the subtopic to include the date your gallery was last edited! You can see examples in other categories to see how others add the date! Thank you
  5. Hello! In the future, please allow the mods to review your request and mark it as “open” :3 thank you!
  6. + the pp is 200x200 but it works on PW if you like the set, please credit Clementine Lennox! thank you!
  7. @persephone. -- hi, are you still working on this?
  8. Hi before I open this I wanted to make sure it’s a complete form? Thank you!
  9. @jean valjean - hi could you please fix the screencap of your profile before i open the request? thank you!
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