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  1. hello! sorry to ask again but is this still needed? :)
  2. Hi! Is this request still needed? :)
  3. Hi @forever_dreaming unfortunately pictures from Instagram cannot be used and I removed them. You can either find not copyrighted pictures or give the artist a general idea of what you want in your graphic and allow her find her own pics :)
  4. @just.a.willow.tree hello! please edit the form providing all the information we require, including the screencap of your profile and then I’ll open the request
  5. hello! sorry for the slight delay! if this works for you, please rehost and credit Lola. @ TDA :)
  6. @cella. thank you for the screencap, but unfortunately the credit isn’t visible in it so please repost it with credit :) thank you!
  7. @Jenna822 in the future, please leave it up to the moderators to check on the status of requests! Everyone has stuff going on in RL and that’s why we are giving artists a respectable amount of time to fill a request and I’m keeping an eye on everything 😌
  8. @dreamgazer220 thank you for the screencap! Unless there’s a link to the artist’s tda profile, could you please add “TDA” next to the nickname of the artist? Thank you! Please post a screencap again when that’s done and I will be happy to close this request :)
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