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  1. hi, welcome to tda! i'll be moving your gallery but remember to include the last update date in your subtitle (that's where you've put "some misc. examples of my work" :3) thank you!
  2. Hello! We've added a new custom profile field to display on your side panel and your main profile and it's your name, if you choose to have it displayed! :3 To edit your Profile Information click on your nickname above the header on the right (not the avatar), and then go to Account Settings. From there, you have a box on your right "Other Settings", where you click on "Edit Profile". A pop up window appears where you can edit in your name (under "Profile Information") and other info, like links to your Gallery, Trophy Shelf, etc.! If you have any question
  3. WELL HELLO THERE i'm so happy you created a gallery on tda because your stuff is just incredible and let me just pause to contemplate those chapter images this one is like......trying to find a pixel i dont like and i can't
  4. yay Jess took me long enough to comment, but I looove your stuff, this sig+ is absolutely incredible <333 and i love your banners especially * .*
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I SEE YOUR POINT NOW OK loveeeee thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. awards by Lola. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Artist of the Year bewitching. Best at Banners scintilla hamylton. Lola. Best at Blends Estevan bewitching. wanderedaway Best at Challenges Lola. bewitching. Best at Chapter Images wildest dreams. sherlock star crossed Best at Colouring .schultz persephone. Best at Composition scintilla nox persephone. Best at Filtering Lola. bewitching. wanderedaway
  7. Please join me in congratulating @kalopsia for becoming TDA Superstar! Points reporting is open for February now! :3
  8. im absolutely in love with your alannah sig, all of your work is stunning!!!
  9. Hello! We have made some changes to Promotions and the rules have been updated here+ for ranks Member-Master and here+ for ranks Master+. To sum up, the change that applies to all rank is that in addition to having your gallery updated in the last month, we now also require at least five posts made anywhere across the board in the month prior to the promos! To make things easier, posting in the Chill Out Zone will now add posts to your post count! Regardless of whether or not your post count is bumped, if you made 5 posts anywhere on the board, you
  10. Hello! It has come to our attention that there were instances of people who request a graphic on several websites at the same time. We feel like it may result in artists filling the request simultaneously and their time being wasted when some of the graphics are not used. To reflect that, there's been an update to the request form, we added the following line: Additionally, the requesting rules have been updated: Thank you!
  11. We're back after a very speedy maintenance! We updated the skins (again...) and what it means to you is that 1. We had to retire TDA 2018 - Winter skin 😞 It was outdated and we are very sorry for the inconvenience to those who were using it! 2. If you were using a skin that is not the Default TDA 2020 - PINK skin, you may need to choose the desired skin again. You can do so by scrolling aaaaaall the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Theme" button. 3. The edit button is where it belongs, next to the quote button! Woo! 4. As always, if
  12. love the issue!!! makes me think of summer!:D A graphic so great I’ve got to share The things you create Make everyone stare
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