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  1. Hello! It has come to our attention that there were instances of people who request a graphic on several websites at the same time. We feel like it may result in artists filling the request simultaneously and their time being wasted when some of the graphics are not used. To reflect that, there's been an update to the request form, we added the following line: Additionally, the requesting rules have been updated: Thank you!
  2. We're back after a very speedy maintenance! We updated the skins (again...) and what it means to you is that 1. We had to retire TDA 2018 - Winter skin 😞 It was outdated and we are very sorry for the inconvenience to those who were using it! 2. If you were using a skin that is not the Default TDA 2020 - PINK skin, you may need to choose the desired skin again. You can do so by scrolling aaaaaall the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Theme" button. 3. The edit button is where it belongs, next to the quote button! Woo! 4. As always, if
  3. love the issue!!! makes me think of summer!:D
  4. hiii!!!! welcome Lexi so happy to have you here!:D
  5. It looks like the e-mail issue has been fixed, but if you're experiencing problems, please PM me with details! :3
  6. Please join me in congratulating @klutzy_kara on becoming December Superstar! ❤️ enjoy your pink! Top Three Earners this month were: klutzy_kara - 98 points Lola. - 40 points kalopsia - 20 points Your Vault Points have been updated!
  7. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a good one for everybody! ❤️ Name Change Day topic is open now! Please read the instructions and you can request a name change here+. New Place To Squee topic is open here+. Post Your Last Creation topic is open for 2021! The Polling Place has been revamped entirely and you're more than welcome to post your own polls for 2021! That was the fun stuff :3 On a different note, the system has been updated and there are bugs here and there. If you see any, please report them here+
  8. Happy New Year TDA! 🎉 Welcome to the annual Name Change Day! You don't need a reason or vault points to change your name, simply copy+paste the code below and wait for an Admin to change your nickname! Remember, this means your login will change too so don't freak out! Posting order determines who gets their name changed if two people ask for the same nickname. Before requesting, browse our current members list to make sure the desired name is available. If there's an issue with the change, you will be contacted by an Admin through a PM! Here are the rules rega
  9. Hello! To keep up with our tradition, we will be hosting the annual Name Change Day! The thread will go up on January 1 and will remain open for 24 hours :3 There will be instructions posted within the thread, so be sure to read them carefully before you apply for a name change
  10. Hello! This is just a notice that TDA will be going offline for a period of about 24 hours on Monday, Dec 28 Monday 8 PM (CET) We will be back as soon as possible!
  11. Please join me in congratulating @kalopsia for becoming November TDA Superstar! ❤️ Vault points claimed for November were as follows: kalopsia: 42 points Lola. 35 points You can earn vault points by participating in board-wide activities: challenges, critiques, commenting on other's galleries, and so on! To read more on how to claim points (and how you can spend them), go here+.
  12. Profile Fields As we keep improving TDA, we have now added some extra fields you can edit on your profile page! Those are links to your graphics and coding galleries and the link to your trophy shelf. You can edit those by clicking on your nickname in the top right corner, go to Account Settings and then click on Edit Profile (under Other Settings). The links will display on your full profile page (not the mini profile next to your posts)
  13. Coding Corner Rules how to become a coder step-by-step You must begin by posting in this thread to earn your coding badge! You will need it to post tutorials, resources, your own coding gallery and enter challenges. We only allow coding in CSS and HTML, no more advanced languages. Do not use this forum to promote other forums or websites. If we see you're using it for any kind of promotion, the post will be deleted and your coding privileges will be revoked! When replying to threads posted by other members, do not offer critique unless the member asked for
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