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  1. to whomever picks up the request, please do not use the picture from getty images that can be found in the album! :)
  2. Hi! Are you still working on this? :)
  3. Hello! unfortunately, the pictures you found on Pinterest may be copyrighted. I’m going to leave one of each for reference but they cannot be used to make the graphic, the artist needs to find their own pics! :)
  4. The pending tag was missing, but unless request is marked as "open" you are not allowed to pick up any requests! :)
  5. @Divine -- please refer to my post above. You need to edit your request using the correct form. @sheepish. -- until this request is marked as open, please do not pick up this request. Failure to follow the guidelines may lead to a warning and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  6. @sheepish. This request hasn’t been opened yet due to issues with the request form!
  7. I will try this for you but it might take a couple of days to get it done ❤️
  8. hello! thank you for requesting, however, I'm going to need you to edit your entry using the correct form you can find here. It's the second one from the top -- Standard Request Form Code for Forum Sets (also for RPG Forum requests). Make sure to fill out all required fields ^_^ Once that's done, we will review the request again and open it :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  9. No problem! :) moving the thread now and here's a guide to requesting graphics that you may find useful in the future ^_^
  10. Hello! If this request is still needed, I would suggest we move it to the general section where most artists are allowed to pick it up! Let me know what you wish to do :)
  11. Please hold off making any changes to the request for now. You will get an update shortly!
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