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  1. Hello everyone! Please join me in welcoming our new Administrator, @hamylton. ❤️
  2. Hello! The rules about entering challenges have been updated to reflect that any current Member can join a challenge, unless it is rank-specific. In other words, even if you don’t have a gallery and a rank on TDA, you can enter a challenge and participate in most of of the board’s activities! (thought we encourage you start a gallery of course 😏) Please keep in mind that in order to fill a request you need to be a ranked artist!
  3. Your gallery was approved, but when you get a chance please add in the Subtitle “last updated” date 😊 Enjoy TDA! :)
  4. Hi!! Welcome to TDA! :D
  5. Challenge Issued By: Lola. Challenge Title: [signature] finish me off challenge Image Size: 500x200 Text: up to you! Specific Images: use the base provided! Mood: up to you! Animation? no Other Information: for this challenge you will be finishing off the base provided by me! You can add brushes, text, coloring and filtering -- no textures, stocks, PNGs and extra model pictures! Please remember your image code! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge Ends: April 12, 2020 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [code][img=image url here][/code]
  6. thank you to whoever takes it!
  7. hi @dreamgazer220 -- if you'd like you could PM suga. to ask if the request is still being filled or if you prefer we can reopen it at this point :)
  8. Hello everyone! Hope you're staying healthy ❤️ Please familiarize yourself with the updated Gallery rules. We've added a clear timeline what is going to happen with your gallery after six months of inactivity. Gallery maintenance step-by-step If your gallery hasn't been updated in over six months, it will be moved to the Hidden Galleries forum The exception of the rule are Master Artists Galleries. Those will be moved to the Veteran Artists section. If you're a returning Veteran Artist, please update your gallery and then ask one of the Admins to move it back to the Master Artists section. Your gallery will be kept for a year in the Hidden Galleries forum before it's permanently deleted You will keep your rank! If you think you were demoted in the process of removing your gallery, please contact an admin and we will work something out If you know you will be away/busy/need a break, you can store your gallery in the Gallery Protection Program for up to a year. After one year, your gallery will be moved to the Hidden Galleries forum and will follow the rules there (see above).
  9. until
    Round two voting is open for categories who tied in the first round! Vote here+!
  10. Round 2 of voting in categories with a tie is now open for a week! https://the-dark-arts.org/forums/index.php?/forum/246-voting/
  11. Hey @ClearPlastic, you gallery was temporarily hidden due to broken images! If you want to unhide it permanently, you will need to update the images 💔
  12. Voting ends soon, don’t forget to cast your votes for your favorite artists
  13. Lola.

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