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  1. Hello :3 While TDA is is no way affiliated with HPFF, a lot of our members keep their stories there. As per the message on the main page of HPFF, the site is shutting down and will be transferring all stories to Archive Of Our Own. If you want to opt out of the transfer, you have until the end of June. Please visit HPFF for more information.
  2. Hello lovely TDA:D Please join me in congratulating @sun.flower and @winter soldier (and myself I guess haha) for completing all ten challenges in our Mock Request Month Event: May 2021 Edition 🏆 Enjoy your new badges!!! Thank you to everyone else who participated as well, it means a lot to us!!! The polls are up now, go ahead and vote for your favorite pieces :3 We've also set up an anon survey -- whether you participated or not, we'd love to know your opinion about the event on what went well and what can be improved, so the future events can
  3. as the event is coming to an end, we'd like to ask you questions about it the form is anonymous and we'll appreciate the feedback so we can improve the event in the future, should it need improving :3 go here to fill out the form+
  4. Just a reminder that the last challenge locks in 7 days! :3 If you missed a deadline for any of the previous challenges, you have until then to enter if you spent 50 vault points on a Late Entry :3 All challenges will be permanently locked after June 14 <333 If you want to spend 50 points, please post in the Vault thread here+ and PM me as well so I don't miss it by accident :3
  5. congratulations!!!!!!! <33
  6. the final challenge has been posted! :3 remember, if a challenge is already locked, you can spend 50 points to enter a challenge that you missed a deadline for. there's no limit on how many points you can spend, however, please keep in mind that all challenges will lock on june 14, 2021 and there will be no extending the deadline beyond this date.
  7. Challenge #9 has been posted! :3
  8. Challenge #8 has been posted :3
  9. challenge 7 has been posted! additionally, i forgot to include the size of the banner in challenge 6, so it has been extended, my apologies! :3
  10. challenge 6 has been posted :3 MISSED A DEADLINE? You can get a chance to entry a challenge past the deadline for 50 vault points! Go here to claim it :3 As a reminder, you can claim 5 points for each Mock Request Month Challenge you enter! Limited Time Only -- Mock Request Month Points earn Complete a Mock Request Month Challenge (5 points) spend Missed A Deadline Entry (50 points)
  11. challenge number 5 has been posted! :3
  12. challenge number 4 has been posted :3
  13. Challenge number 3 has been posted!
  14. Second challenge has been posted :3 You can also claim vault points for posting in these challenges using the code “Complete a Mock Request Month Challenge”. Each entry is worth 5 points 😊
  15. Better late than never right:333 Please join me in congratulating the winners of July 2020 and December 2020 YBW awards ❤️ July 2020 - @bewitching. award by JadedWraith December 2020 - @.schultz award by winter soldier
  16. First challenge is available here! :3
  17. Hello TDA!:D Coming up in May, we will be hosting a new event on TDA called the Mock Request Month! The premise is simple -- in this forum here+ we will be revealing new challenges every couple of days, which are essentially recycled old requests posted on TDA :3 There will be ten of them and the first one will be posted on May 1, the last one -- on May 31! Each will be open for 2 weeks to be completed and people who enter all ten challenges, will receive a special badge to be displayed on the side panel (and bragging rights;)) Subscribe to this topic for m
  18. hi, welcome to tda! i'll be moving your gallery but remember to include the last update date in your subtitle (that's where you've put "some misc. examples of my work" :3) thank you!
  19. Hello! We've added a new custom profile field to display on your side panel and your main profile and it's your name, if you choose to have it displayed! :3 To edit your Profile Information click on your nickname above the header on the right (not the avatar), and then go to Account Settings. From there, you have a box on your right "Other Settings", where you click on "Edit Profile". A pop up window appears where you can edit in your name (under "Profile Information") and other info, like links to your Gallery, Trophy Shelf, etc.! If you have any question
  20. WELL HELLO THERE i'm so happy you created a gallery on tda because your stuff is just incredible and let me just pause to contemplate those chapter images this one is like......trying to find a pixel i dont like and i can't
  21. yay Jess took me long enough to comment, but I looove your stuff, this sig+ is absolutely incredible <333 and i love your banners especially * .*
  22. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I SEE YOUR POINT NOW OK loveeeee thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  23. awards by Lola. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! Artist of the Year bewitching. Best at Banners scintilla hamylton. Lola. Best at Blends Estevan bewitching. wanderedaway Best at Challenges Lola. bewitching. Best at Chapter Images wildest dreams. sherlock star crossed Best at Colouring .schultz persephone. Best at Composition scintilla nox persephone. Best at Filtering Lola. bewitching. wanderedaway
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