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  1. Love this issue, great work as usual! Those cookies look soo cute. Tysm for also featuring my art!
  2. I really recommend the website 'unsplash' for high quality stock/textures/photography! 

  3. Nice to meet you too! Always happy to see new members ❤️ Feel free to ask for help whenever!
  4. feels like its been ages since i've been on here but i just recently have started dabbling in digital painting so i'm very excited about the new 'designer rank' great idea!

  5. Love this edition, beautifully presented as always! <3 Thank you for all your hard work guys!
  6. Happy, happy birthday!! How is it that I always remember Harry's birthday, yet i manage to forget my real life friend's lol
  7. congratulations!! lovely awards
  8. love the layout!! great issue, congrats to everyone featured
  9. i'm back?! feels like ages...can't wait to open photoshop again even if i'm rlly rusty :')

  10. hey! u should totally start a gallery soon- your graphics are brill for someone just starting off!

    1. missy


      thank you so much! I will once I have enough graphics (:

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