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  1. @snicket! Graphic you would like to claim: b4 Your story title: Odd Weasley Out Link to your story: here Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? no Do you have permission to re-request? n/a Penname on graphic(yes/no): Yes - Dojh167 Quote: "I’m not going to be the one who causes division between them. Not again.” Requested Modifications (if any): Can you change the smaller woman on the left to a man? Either Sean Biggerstaff or somebody who works as an adult Oliver Wood (this is actually really funny to me, because I had saved a link to one other possible UFG banner for this story years ago, and turns out it was another one by you that's since been claimed - this one fits better though!)
  2. It's perfect! Rehostedand credited
  3. I'd like to reserve #8 please Whoops the story's up Graphic you would like to claim: banner #8 Your story title: XOXO Link to your story: link Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? No Do you have permission to re-request? N/A Penname on graphic(yes/no): Yes - Dojh167 Quote: "To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first." Requested Modifications (if any): It's awesome and helped inspire my story, thank you!
  4. OMG THIS IS AWESOME Thanks for doing this and so quickly! :wub: hosting and crediting
  5. Size: 100x100 avatar, 500x200 sig Images: Lego Batman (your choice) Text: Vigilantes don't have bedtimes Color Preferences: Yellow and Black Preferred Mood: Bold, vibrant Link to Place to be Used: profile Link to Screencap: link When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): March 2016 Additional Information: I'm requesting this because lego batman's colors match with Hufflepuff colors, and around the sett I'm known as Batsam. And heyo, it's house cup time! So I'm looking to channel my inner batman, my love of Hufflepuff, and my intensity for competition with this new set.
  6. omg that's nothing compared to how long it took me to pick it up. derpderpsorrysorry! Hosted and credited <3
  7. Graphic you would like to claim: banner 6 Your story title: Dear Self-Satisfied Pompous Gorgeous Insufferable Assface Link to your story: here Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? no Do you have permission to re-request? N/A Penname on graphic(yes/no): yes - Dojh167 Quote: N/A Requested Modifications (if any): N/A
  8. I would like to reserve B3 if the smaller image of the guy on the right can be replaced with a female faceclaim I'll provide. Is that possible?
  9. Story Title: Hiders Link to your Story:AO3 and HPFT Size: 700x110 banner Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic? Yes - Dojh167 Have You Requested This Graphic Before? No Do You Have Permission to Re-Request It? N/A Characters to Include: Dennis Creevey (blonde 14 year old, probably not the most muscular or attractive, but sweet looking) and a group of 11 year olds (in the story there are two boys and a girl). Faceclaims up to artist. Other Images You Would Like: They are hiding in a closet with piles of cauldrons (up to you if you want to include that) Quotes to include: None Color Preferences: Up to artist Mood of Your Story: Suspenseful, but deceivingly playful. Dennis is taking care of the kids and hiding with them during the battle of hogwarts, but that is not definitively revealed until the very end, as they are acting like they are playing a normal game of hide and seek Animation? If so, how?Not necessary Additional Information (size of graphic, etc): Thank you <3
  10. Hello! It looks like you didn't see the PM I sent you. Do you mind checking your female UFG? Thanks! <3

  11. omg, those are so awesome - thank you! I love the colors! Can you just do one quick change? I'd like both of the quotes to be in quotation tags. So, "I fought monsters tonight. It's kind of what I do." "I always pegged you as the Slayer type."
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