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  1. okay bex, two things: 1 - lets battle again, because its fun for me to bond with you whilst simultaneously feeling worthless because of how much better you are. 2 - do you want to calm down? like stop. you're constantly improving even though you're already too good and i??? dont??? get it???? it's distressing to me, give up. i mean obviously dont give up because this is my only source of inspiration but still... give up. loves ♥
  2. your words in PYLC really made my day. thank you so much, jenny! <3

    1. badlandr


      aw i'm so glad! :) no worries charlotte, they were really brilliant banners ♥

  3. ashley i love your gallery so much! ♡ your colouring and image placement ughhh! let's be friends. teach me your ways.
  4. vanessa you've always made flawless graphics seem so easy. your gallery is always chock full, and i love it because each piece is so beautiful and intricate (like truly works of art) - if i wanted a gallery half as good as yours there'd be like three banners and one icon in it, and it'd take me six months XD i do not understand how you produce such beautiful graphics. forever my fav gallery ♥ and like bex said, i never get tired of coming here.
  5. just noticed that i was awarded best at animation??? im so touched??????

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      soooo well deserved too <3

    2. badlandr


      no bex shut up ♥ i love u ♥

  6. can i borrow ur animation skills? bc i had such a fab idea to make an animated snape graphic but i legit cannot animate im hilariously bad

    1. badlandr


      u do not need my skills honeychild go forth and make something beautiful bc i know u can ♥

    2. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      i can't achieve more than fade to black this is like, pages turning and fancy lights - maybe i'll channel the idea to you telepathically and you can make it


  7. you're back and you're just as amazing as ever ;_; vanessa you're seriously the best. i wish i was as great as you.
  8. you using one of your six posts ever to tell me that, is one of my favourite things ever ♥ also AMANDA YOU ABSOUTE BABE ♥ ♥ ♥ i love u
  9. bex what the hell this is amazing you're amazing. teach me your skillllzzzzzz ♥
  10. merry christmas Jenny! <3 http://i.imgur.com/JfCp5jl.png

    1. badlandr


      thanks Bex! ♥ merry christmas to you too :)

  11. ENYA I AM ALL ABOUT THAT JUSTIFIED LIFE AND TIM IS MY FAV LETS BOND also thank you so much angelface and no you don't need any of my "talent" bc ur the top of the cheer pyramid.
  12. vee and athira you're both such babes ;_; thank youuuu! haha you definitely don't need me to teach you my skills, you're already beyond amazing ♥ i'm not sure what you wanted to link to but thank you! colouring and text are two things i can't ever get right, so i'm really glad something stood out for you thanks for being so lovelyyyyy! athirah what even is this comment you're so lovely!! thank you thank you i'll try to keep up some kind of standard ♥♥♥ loves and hugs you're such a wonderful little angel!
  13. so I was looking at the uc and noticed that you picked the BEST faces for theo and boris, they match so well. i was so geeked out to see a goldfinch reference haha <3

    1. badlandr


      oh my god i lovvvvve the goldfinch so much! thank you :)

  14. u r bae ur stuff is legend stop putting me to shame with everything you do.
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